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Saturday 11th August 2018 

Another Great National Tree Day Planting
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On a fine Sunday morning on 29th July, at Guanaba Park, 38 willing local volunteers rolled up their sleeves and got to work. They dug holes, planted trees and watered them in well. By 11am - time for a great morning tea with lots of well-earned goodies - 300 little specimens were well bedded in to their new home.  
This new planting extends an earlier one, which is coming along splendidly. Soon there will be a great little patch of rainforest around and under the existing gum trees to welcome birds and other creatures - and provide a picturesque background to the park, which is used by children and their parents, tourists, picnickers and dog-walkers. It is yet another site that profiles our Landcare work and the dedicated work of all our volunteers, and especially our hands-on president, Judith Roland.
Millet Park Revisited
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A couple of years ago Tamborine Mountain Landcare received a grant from the State Government for the Millet Reserve Lyrebird Project. The objective was to extend the known lyrebird habitat in this area. At the end of that project, a section of the reserve still remained untouched, with a huge infestation of lantana and molasses grass.  
A dedicated young Zac Holt, who works for World As I Am (Guy Cooper - our principal contractor), has been steadily working to eradicate these weeds and has helped in the huge task of planting out the area with native species. Single-handed, Zac planted 150 trees and shrubs, at the recent National Tree Day. This was a mighty effort which he undertook as a volunteer. In a couple of years this last section will be just as flourishing as the young forest thriving on the other side of the road. The entrance to Millet Park is at the cul de sac at Carey Parade, North Tamborine.
 Cleared area looking over to restored section.
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