LAP Bulletin NFRC 701-2020 E0A0 Series
This bulletin is to announce the publication and immediate use of all NFRC 701 series of documents. 

The NFRC 701-2020, and all of its supporting documents, were approved by the NFRC Board of Directors to be implemented for use immediately upon publication. 

  • NFRC 701-2020 E0A0, Laboratory Accreditation Program Document.
  • NFRC 701.01-2020 E0A0, Simulation Laboratory Application.
  • NFRC 701.02-2020 E0A0, Testing Laboratory Application.
  • NFRC 701.03-2020 E0A0, NFRC Simulation Reporting Requirements.
  • NFRC 701.04-2020 E0A0, NFRC 102 Thermal Test Reporting Requirements.
  • NFRC 701.05-2020 E0A0, NFRC 201 Solar Calorimeter Reporting Requirements.
  • NFRC 701.06-2020 E0A0, NFRC 400 Air Leakage Reporting Requirements.
  • NFRC 701.07-2020 E0A0, NFRC 500 Condensation Resistance Reporting Requirements.
  • NFRC 701.08-2020 E0A0, Simulation Laboratory Accreditation Requirements.
  • NFRC 701.09-2020 E0A0, Testing Laboratory Accreditation Requirements.
  • NFRC 701.10-2020 E0A0, NFRC 202/203 Visible Transmittance Test Reporting Requirements
  • NFRC 701.11-2020 E0A0, NFRC Laboratory Recognition for Air Leakage Testing

The full series of documents, including NFRC 701-2020 as well as NFRC 701.01 - 701.11,  may be downloaded in one zip file HERE . Individual documents in the series may be found on the  Program Documents page

If you have any questions concerning the information in this  NFRC LAP Bulletin , please contact  Dennis Anderson at 240-847-6950.

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