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Monday Memo 04.13.15 


A few notes from Stephanie: 


APDesign 2015 Alumni Fellow John Norris will be with us this Wednesday through Friday. His itinerary is available here. Please plan to attend his presentation on Thursday, April 16, 2:30-3:30 pm, Seaton 106c, and urge students to attend. If you are not on his itinerary but would like to be, please e-mail me.  


The New Building Studio Charrette will take place this Thursday, April 16, right before John's presentation, 12:00 - 2:00 pm in Seaton 104. This is your opportunity to share the desires and needs for studio spaces for LA and RCP faculty and students and provide input on the ways that our college works together when we move into the new building. I appreciate your participation in this important event and realize that you are making a big investment of time in our department on Thursday. 


Moving Plans: Thank you for the suggestions and questions you have posed after receiving the memo about office assignments for next year. Here are a few ideas and a specific suggestion for you to put on your list as you plan your move or consolidation to accommodate a roommate. This is a long 'note' but important--thank you for reading it and reacting with additional proactive and productive ideas.


1. Jody can assist you with obtaining a large rolling recycling bin when you are ready for it. You can't keep it in your office, so you'll want to do the sorting before obtaining it. 


2. Jody can also assist in making arrangements for removal of large quantities of trash. Do the sorting and let her know when you have materials to be taken to the dumpster. 


3. The shredding bin in the 2nd floor copy room is a good place to deposit confidential documents as you sort. If you have a large quantity of confidential material, please box it up and label it. When the move takes place, we'll make sure that it is shredded. 


4. Retention of student work:

_We will want hard copy presentations of LA student work done over the last 3-6 years for the accreditation visit. It should include A, B and C work for each project (or whatever your designations are for high, medium and low quality. We will use the Edmond's Center for the initial collection of material. After the visit is over this fall, you will be asked to collect what you would like to save and the remainder will be discarded. 


_We need to keep some examples of RCP work but the collection doesn't need to be as extensive, given the recent accreditation visit.  


_ENVD instructors should work with Katrina to determine how the work from the first year will be archived.  


_We have some historic student work, large models (Campus Creek) and some valuable materials (white boards, projection screens) that must be stored. I will work with the Dean's office to determine if these materials can safely be preserved in communal college space or if it is appropriate for our department to rent a small storage unit. 


5. If you did not outline specific needs for materials and equipment you are responsible for and use in your research or creative activity as you filled out your officemate preference form, please provide a specific list to Ann Cook and copy me. 


6. We will have a group moving day for those who would like to put their personal items and furniture in Rod's trailer. We'll help one another load and make the rounds to unload at your homes. If this is of interest to you, be thinking about the best date and time for moving (at the end of a work day or on a Saturday sometime in May). 


And my suggestion: if you anticipate use of your university technology off campus and have not filled out the appropriate form, please do so  before mid-May. Jody can provide the form. 



Open A.I.R. 2015, the Beach Museum's artist in Residence Series includes collaboration from LARCP. The Center for Food Perception and Aesthetics is a 3-day socially-engaged collaborative project of Dialogue-Lab (D-Lab), occurring at the museum April 15-17, 2015. Read more about D-Lab here. LARCP students and faculty will be part of the following D-LAB events:


Drive Thru Nation: Join Sean and MLA students in Associate Professor Katie Kingery-Page's Creative Placemaking master's report umbrella for an interactive workshop and presentation on car culture and food. Students participating are: Danielle DeOrsey, Rachel Fox, Abby Glastetter, Steven Holt, and Nick Mercado. Thursday, April 16, 2015 10:00-noon, Beach Museum of Art.

Food culture and the built environment. Visit the Vanier Gallery to view video tours of residential neighborhoods in the Flint Hills that are part of Assistant Professor Katherine Nesse's research on the relationship between the residential environment and demographic characteristics of neighborhoods. The videos are a part of the exhibition exploring the relationship between food culture and the built environment. April 15-17, Beach Museum of Art.


The CELA 2015 theme publication, Incite Change | Change Insight, is now available on New Prairie Press, hereDr. Tim Keane is the editor of the publication.
The K-State English Department is hosting a lecture,  Supporting Graduate Student Writing,  April 14 at 4 pm in 114 Burt Hall. Find more information here .
APA Apr 18-22, 2015 Seattle, WA
ASLA Central States Apr 22-24, 2015 Oklahoma City, OK
PGASLA Awards Gala May 8, 2015 Kansas City, MO
APA Quad-States Meeting Oct 21-23, 2015 Kansas City, MO
ACSP Meeting Oct 23-24, 2015 Houston, TX
ASLA Meeting Nov 7-9, 2015 Chicago, IL




13, 15, 17 Master's Report Final Defense Presentations,


15-17 Alumni Fellow, John Norris visiting


16 - Norris Presentation, 2:30 pm, Seaton 106c




Jenny O'Brien LARCP Colloquium, 106c, 4 pm


5 College Faculty Meeting, 104, 10:30 - 11:30 am


8 Last day of classes

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