Critical maps from the summer Community Planning and Design studio's study of vacant lots in St. Louis. 


Landscape Architecture and Regional & Community Planning
Monday Memo 08.03.15

APDesign West (a.k.a Swing Space) improvements are underway. Below are a few things to think about. If you have questions, suggestions or concerns about these items or others, let Stephanie know?

Network Connectivity
As you plan for your work and that of students, please take into account the flip in connectivity we will have at APDesign West. In Seaton Hall we have high speed external network connectivity (100 megabits per second - 100 Mbps - per student) and slow intranet (server) connectivity. At APDesign West we will have one 100 Mbps connection for the facility and 1,000 Mbps (1GB) intranet connectivity per work station. 
Obviously, this will be a a major change in the way we do business. Please use the chart located here outlining specific expectations you and students may have when using the APDesign West connectivity to think about issues that may arise. 
Too techy to think about? Simple version: for the next two years:
work at APDesign West accessed by internet = :(  
work at APDesign West accessed by intranet = :)

Shop Access
The new shop building at APDesign West will likely be operational in early October. IAPD classes will take place in the Seaton Hall shop in September but it will not be widely accessible. The CNC will be moved during October. In general, projects requiring the shop will be most easily completed after September and those requiring the CNC, after October. 

APDesign Forum Transportation
Buses to campus for the Monday, August 24, all college photo (4:00 pm) and Forum (4:30 pm), followed by BBQ, will load around 3:30 at APDesign West.

Assistant Professor Huston Gibson presented "Educating Leaders in Australia" at the 10th annual K-State Sustainability Dialog on July 18.

Assistant Professor Huston Gibson presented a poster, "Small Town Parks as Community Cultivators", and represented the MS Community Development program at the Community Development Society meeting in Lexington, Kentucky, July 19-22.

Professor and Department Head Stephanie Rolley chaired the summer meeting of the Landscape Architectural Accreditation Board in Asilomar, California, July 17-18.

Instructor Dereatha Cross is nearing completion of her online text for Tech Mod 2. Supported by a $5,000 grant from the Open/Alternative Textbook Initiative, the text is open to all at
The 9th Annual Built Environment & Outdoor Summit will be held Oct 13-15, 2015 in Overland Park, KS. Information is available here

Phytotechnologies Conference

Sept 27-30, 2015
Manhattan, KS
Oct 13-15, 2015
Overland Park, KS
PGASLA Annual Meeting
Oct 16, 2015
Kansas City, MO
APA Quad-States Meeting
Oct 21-23, 2015
proposals due June 25
Kansas City, MO
ACSP Meeting Oct 23-24, 2015 Houston, TX
ASLA Meeting Nov 7-9, 2015 Chicago, IL
CELA Meeting

Mar 23-26, 2015
abstracts will be due Sept 4
Salt Lake City and Logan, Utah






7 Intent to apply for Jarvis award due to by 5 pm, information


17 LARCP Faculty Meeting immediately following the APDesign Faculty Meeting, APDesign Swing Space


17 APDesign Faculty Meeting, 9:00 am, Swing Space


17 LARCP Faculty Meeting, 11:00 am - 5:00 pm, Swing Space


17 APDesign Faculty/Staff Family Picnic, Rolley/Harms Ridge


18 University Orientation for New Faculty


19 First Year Coordination Meeting


20 Sandwich lunch with new LARCP PB students


20 and 21 LA and RCP PB orientation


23 Students move into Swing Space, 5:00 - 8:00 pm


24 First day of class--all LARCP classes will meet, no computers will be set up


24 APDesign All College Photo: 4:00 pm, APDesign Forum: 4:30 pm, Forum Hall - followed by BBQ


25 LARCP Forum, 10:30 am, Union Big 12

followed by 

LARCP Computer Set Up Day


31 Applications for:

Mary K. Jarvis Chair due, information here




4 CELA Abstracts Due, conference info here  


10 Jarvis proposal presentations, 5:30 pm


15 Chamberlain mid-tenure presentation


16 Informal dinner with LARCP Advisory Council


17-18 LARCP Advisory Council Meeting


17 LARCP Advisory Council Event with Students and Faculty, 6:00 pm


21 Gibson promotion and tenure presentation


22 Canfield promotion and tenure presentation


25 LARCP Colloquium




25 -28 LAAB Site Visit

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