Aug. 19, 2019

Contact: Benjamin Clapper

La. Right to Life Offers Condolences
on Passing of Gov. Kathleen Blanco
Louisiana Right to Life expresses its condolences on the passing of Gov. Kathleen Blanco on Sunday, Aug. 18. Gov. Blanco served as a pro-life governor during her time in office from 2004-2007, signing many pieces of pro-life legislation into law and supporting the state-funded Alternatives to Abortion program. 

Most notably, Gov. Blanco signed into law the 2006 Human Life Protection Act that will protect all unborn babies from abortion in Louisiana when Roe v. Wade is overturned.

Sharon Rodi, longtime member of the Louisiana Right to Life Board of Directors and Delegate to National Right to Life, said, "On behalf of many other pro-life leaders in Louisiana, we express our condolences on the passing of Gov. Blanco. Both as governor and in other elected offices, Gov. Blanco was 100 percent pro-life, even in the face of pressure from national party leaders to change her position. We appreciate her dedication to life and appreciate her faithful service to our state."