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Just Over One Week To Go! 
19th Annual  
ACFI Fraud Conference & Workshop

Workshop - Sunday, April 30, 2017           
Group registrations available. Contact the ACFI office. 
S n e a k   P e a k   i n t o   C o n f e r e n c e   T o p i c s :
Most Common Scams & Frauds Targeting Lawyers: How to Avoid Them

Dan Pinnington - Lawyers' Professional Indemnity Company (LAWPRO)

Cybercrime and Law Firms:  The Dangers and How to Avoid Them   Ontario lawyers are targeted by cybercrime on a daily basis. Many have suffered significant financial losses and/or practice interruptions after being duped or hacked. Cyber criminals commonly target lawyers and law firms because they have valuable information and large sums of money in trust accounts. The scams and frauds take many forms: bad cheque frauds, phishing messages, ransomware and denial of service attacks. Two recent attacks in the U.S. purported to come from the state bar entities. This session will review the cybercrime dangers law firms need to be aware of, and the steps that can be taken to reduce or eliminate these dangers. You will also learn how better protect your personal information and devices.

New Developments Requiring Workplace Investigation

Sunira Chaudhri - Levitt LLP

From social media to telecommuting, the definition of "workplace" is ever expanding, and with it, an employer's obligation to investigate employee complaints. Learn the tools to effectively manage, investigate and minimize your organization's liability with respect to complaints of discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment and bullying.

Leveraging Open Source Information to Assist in Fraud Investigation

Tyson Johnson - Bright Planet

Building An Online Open Source Anti-Fraud Monitoring Program - This session will help you think differently about how you leverage the information available online to fight fraud.  Similar to how you may review internal structured data at large scale, the open source data can also be harvested and curated at scale, structured and leveraged for anti-fraud initiatives.  This session will introduce you to the challenges and opportunities of open source data while providing a road map forward for new ways to approach anti-fraud initiatives.

Financial Crimes: The Road Ahead

Malcolm Chivers - Canadian Bankers Association

Malcolm Chivers is the Director of Corporate Security for the 61 member Canadian Bankers Association. His presentation "Financial Crimes the Road Ahead will discuss the challenges we face in the investigation Canadian Bank Crime as we move forward. Areas to be covered will be; current crime trends facing the industry, new technology and the support services provided to Member Banks and Law Enforcement.

21 April 2017

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