Reverse Hosting is designed to not only give the waiting children of Colombia a chance to explore their country, but even better… to give them a chance at finding their forever family! With your participation in this program, children that have been bound to an orphanage finally get to experience the sites and sounds of Bogota. And while you and your host child are busy enjoying all that Colombia has to offer, something even bigger and better is happening. You are getting to know this child so that we can all work together to find them a permanent family. You are learning their likes and dislikes, studying their mannerisms, and figuring out what makes them tick. And maybe, somewhere along the way, you are falling in love….with Colombia, with the culture, and with a special child….

 We are headed to Bogota with our Reverse Hosting Program in October 2019! Be apart of something big, and change a life. Email Adriana Chaves to get started NOW!