Bradley M. Gottfried 
7 x 10 hardcover
82 maps 
240 pages

Fred L. Walker
6 x 9 paperback
10 maps * 18 images
456 pages


Robert M. Dunkerly and Doug Crenshaw  
6 x 9 paperback   
3 maps * 200 images
192 pages

James S. Pula
6 x 9 Paperback
504 pages


Michael C. Harris
6 x 9 Hardcover
27 maps * 48 images
528 pages

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Libri Novi - January 2021
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Ms. Kenya Savas


Dear Canine and Book Fans,

We did. We always make the best of the little time we have together. My original owner DT, Pop's son who adopted me in college, flew home and spoiled me with lots of treats. 

Even watched football, if that is the game the Vikings play. Pop wasn't all that happy about the way that and the season turned out, though he swears if the Packers play the Saints in the playoffs, for the first time in his life he will cheer on the Packers. I think early dementia has set in.

We had neighbors spend New Year's Eve with us and played a lot of cards. I played too, as you can see:


We did a lot of different things to cope with The Year Whose Number Shall Not Be Spoken, chief among them more interaction on social media and a closer relationship with our customers. Pop calls them extended family--which is pretty close to the truth. 

Niche publishing is a tough business, and the Book Trade leans heavily in favor of "The Big Dogs," which hurt craft publishers like Savas Beatie. Dealing with us directly cuts out all the middle dogs (see how I did that, twice?) and keeps us publishing the books you love. 


We just started there, and there is button at the top you can click to jump over, or just click HERE to do so. We will be posting at least once a day so please give us a follow, check us out, and help spread the news. 


Did you know we have Excerpts (maps, sample chapters, Forewords, Introductions, etc. ) posted on our website? Not for all of our books, but we are getting there. We add about one a day. Here are a few, and from now on we will have a list at the bottom of this newsletter with an expanding list for you to view. 

Here are just a few:
Mike Harris,

Eric Wittenberg and David Powell,

Edwin C. Bearss,

Jim Hessler and Britt Isenberg,

David and Audrey Ladd, eds,

John Bachelder,

* * *  

Edwin C. Bearss' THE CAMPAIGN FOR VICKSBURG (3 VOLS.) We have about 330 pre-sold sets and we will print 400-500. They will all be gone by April when they arrive here, so don't take too much longer . . .  

THE BACHELDER PAPERS red & gold reprint. We are approaching 225 reprint sets and will only print 300 . . . 

JOHN BACHELDER'S HISTORY OF GETTYSBURG: We have about 430 pre-sold and will print 500. They will all be gone by April when they arrive, so if you want a rare book in your library for good, don't think too much longer. 

THE SEVEN BACHELDER PAPERS MAPS: Pre-orders of 205 sets. Hopefully we can get that to 250. The higher the number, the lower the cost and the better quality the paper. 

Thanks again for supporting independent publishing over your giant corporate everything else sellers. It keeps Civil War publishing alive. 2020 was a tough year for everyone. 

2021 will be better. 

Loving Milk Bone woofs,

Miss Kenya

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(Yes, this set will have color maps and all the formerly included black and white maps.)
Click HERE to see the map links right under the book cover and to read more about this series. 

TAKING PRE-ORDERS NOW. NO PAYMENT NEEDED for release in April 2021. Please call us at 916-941-6896 or email us your name, address, and phone number by CLICKING HERE
THE BACHELDER PAPERS REPRINT (The Red and Silver edition)
Click HERE to see the Foreword and sample text page links right under the book cover
and to read more about this series. 
Except for the Official Records volumes, this massive 3-volume set (some 2,200 pages) is the most important firsthand collection of accounts ever published on the Battle of Gettysburg. Anyone interested in the war in general, or Gettysburg in particular, will want a set.

Click HERE to keep up with the coming Excerpts and to read more about this series. 
John Bachelder was contracted to use his research and write a history of the Battle of Gettysburg. It took some time and sat unpublished for more than a century. To read the full story, see Eric Wittenberg's Foreword and Audrey Ladd's Introduction, both of which are included in this reprint.
Once again, because so many of you asked about these, we looked into them. They are a go!
They are oversize (36 x 28) and we are getting high resolution scans done now (it takes specialized equipment to do these). Then comes the issue of where to print them. Many traditional printers cannot print them because they are too large. So we need to clear that hurdle. When we do, it will be on quality stock thicker and nicer than the originals. 
These are grid-keyed to the The Bachelder Papers and Bachelder's History of Gettysburg, so printing them and getting them into your hands will kill two birds with one stone. 
We don't know if they will be shipped in a flat box, individually folded (like the maps in the back of Bigelow's Chancellorsville, for example), or rolled up and shipped in a tube.  

We want to offer them as inexpensively as possible to you. We will know soon and let you know. 

Reserve your set (no advance payment needed) via EMAIL: 
Don't miss out on these new releases, shipping from the printer TODAY!
Call the office at 916-941-6896, visit our website, or email us to order your copies. 
This book tells the story of the Confederate capital before, during, and after the Civil War. This guidebook also includes a comprehensive list of places to visit.
Major General Fred Walker assumed command of the Texas National Guard's 36th Infantry Division in September 1941. He led it for the next 34 months through training, overseas deployment, and World War II's horrific Italian campaign. This book is essential reading for anyone interested in the realities of the U.S. Army high command during World War II, and the truth about what happened at Salerno, the Rapido, and Anzio.
Thanks for the Christmas present photos!

Thanks to Dwayne O. of PA for this photo.

Through Facebook, we learned that quite a few of you received Savas Beatie books for Christmas. How wonderful! Here are just a few of the pictures we received.

Jon-Erik G. of WV has his 2021 stack ready!
Claude W. of PA has a brand new Bachelder set.
Thanks to everyone for sending your photos!
CWRT Congress - 2021 Conference
The weekend of September 17-19, 2021 is set for the upcoming CWRT Congress Conference. It will be held at Camden County College in Blackwood, NJ, just across the Delaware River from Philadelphia. It is open to any member of a Civil War Round Table.
The conference philosophy is to provide a friendly environment that engages and inspires. The Congress makes sure there are ample opportunities to learn different approaches and to develop skills that will be useful to the sustainability goals of your CWRT.
Although the program has yet to be finalized, you can expect to learn about innovative ways to attract new members, develop extraordinary programs, partner with community organizations and govern your CWRT effectively. There will also be opportunities to develop plans, templates and fun approaches to a wide variety of subjects.
Watch the website for registration, lodging, program agenda and tour information here. And, if you have a program request that conference planners might consider, please contact Mike Movius at


Spring 2021 Preview
After the year everyone has endured, it's nice to look forward to something positive. This month and next, we will be previewing our Spring 2021 titles. Each title is on our website and ready to be placed on your wish list. Enjoy!  
- Professor Frank P. Varney examines Grant's relationship with three noted Civil War generals and continues his study of Grant and that his memoirs have heavily shaped how the war is remembered (and written about) today. Aided greatly by his two terms as president, by the clarity and eloquence of his memoirs, and in particular by the dramatic backdrop against which those memoirs were written, our historical memory has been influenced to a degree greater than many realize.
- The authors' meticulous work provides the first full exploration of the critical role Texas enlisted men and officers played in the three days of fighting near West Chickamauga Creek in September 1863. This book provides the Lone Star State soldiers with the recognition they have so long deserved.
- What if the histories previously written about the first major Confederate operation north of the Potomac River missed key sources, proceeded from mistaken readings of the evidence, or were influenced by Lost Cause ideology? Alexander B. Rossino demonstrates that distortions like these continue to shape modern understanding of the campaign in this book. 
The Washingtons - A Call to Librarians
From 2014 to 2018 Savas Beatie published Justin Glenn's large reference book The Washingtons: A Family History. It consists of nine volumes plus a two-part General Index, and four of the volumes were so large that they had to be published in two-parts. So fifteen books in all! The book has been acquired by more than 500 libraries in 24 countries, and 95% of the 200+ Amazon reviews for all the various volumes are 5-star.
For a couple of years now The National Society of the Washington Family Descendants has had a "Starter Set" project to encourage libraries to acquire the book. The Society has already donated fifteen four-book sets to all types of libraries--academic (university, college, and community college), city and county public libraries, and state archives. If your library would like to be put on a waiting list of future possible recipients, then a librarian need only send the following email to Justin Glenn (c/o
"We would be pleased to accept a four-book donation from the ten-volume set The Washingtons: A Family History. While we can make no promises or commitments, we will be open to purchasing additional volumes to complete the set in future years as our budget permits. Future purchases, of course, would be dependent on the availability of funds and also the degree to which our patrons find the books useful. We would be willing to send a letter of acknowledgement (on official letterhead) to your Society's treasurer to confirm the receipt of the four books when they arrive."

Please help us spread the word to librarians by forwarding this info to them!

5 Things with Lois Lembo and Leon Reed
Our 5 things column returns for the New Year! This  month, Lois Lembo and Leon Reed, authors of A Combat Engineer with Patton's Army, give us 5 facts about putting together their book.

Take it away Lois and Leon....

1. When Patton made his famous remark at the beginning of the Ardennes campaign, "I can attack with three divisions in 72 hours," one of those three was Frank Lembo's division, the 80th. Issued orders before the meeting to halt their planned attack into Germany, the 80th was in motion toward Luxembourg before the meeting adjourned, with Frank's unit, the 305th Engineer Combat Battalion leading the way to scout and mark the route and clear obstacles. Nine days later, Frank was part of the column that linked up with the 101st Airborne to break the siege of Bastogne.

2. Combat engineers are known as the bridge builders, and the 305th Engineer Combat Battalion built Bailey Bridges, pontoon bridges, footbridges, Treadway bridges, and others, over the Moselle, Seille, Nied, Sauer, and Inn rivers, usually under fire by the Nazis. But the company diary says that the most frequent task performed by Frank and his colleagues was clearing mines and other obstructions.

3. Frank Lembo's wartime story, told in more than 500 letters he wrote his fiancé Betty Craig, is the story of the Greatest Generation, up close and personal. The letters Frank wrote show a man who is ambitious, highly competent, conscientious about his job and the safety of his "boys," very observant of his surroundings, and optimistic. Frank's surviving sister, Mary, said the book isn't just a combat story but also a love story.


4. Working on the book, first as a simple family project and then as a book in publication, allowed me (Lois) to spend hours and hours, mostly after they had passed, with mom and dad. Reading Frank's letters and writing the book led me into their younger lives, introducing me to two young people I didn't previously know, Frank and Betty.


5. Working together with your spouse, as the authors did, can be a challenge. But we had worked together closely in previous lives as Washington defense consultants concerned with the Defense Production Act, defense industry capabilities, and critical technologies and for several years as officers of MSI, a youth soccer club in Maryland. 


A Look Into The Battle Digest Series - Part 2
Battle Digest is the brain-child of Brigadier General Chris Petty (Ret.), who began using them on staff rides and for private conferences. Covering battles from ancient times to present day, they are presented in visually stunning FULL COLOR, printed on heavy coated stock, and Gate Folded Open (six full 8.5 x 11 pages, folding to one). In just 20 minutes, you can learn what happened, why it happened, and why it still matters today.

Here are a few more selections for you to peruse.


NEW Column - Excerpt Central!

As Kenya mentioned in her Introduction, did you know we have excerpts posted on our website? Here are a few, and from now on we will have a list right here for you to view. 

Mike Harris,

Eric Wittenberg and David Powell,

Edwin C. Bearss,

Jim Hessler and Britt Isenberg,

David and Audrey Ladd, eds,

John Bachelder,

Author Events

We have many author events on the books (many of which are virtual!). Be sure to click here to see our full author event calendar.

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