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July 2011 


Starting this mid-July, I was hired for a new job (full-time faculty) at a new institution (Spring Arbor University located in Michigan) with a new focus (online program in spiritual formation and leadership).


Continuing Affiliation

As a former staff, I will remain associated with The Leadership Institute (though no longer in an official capacity) as an affiliate volunteer. With the Institute's deliberate thrust of integrating spiritual formation with leadership development, I do envision the prospect of a continuing partnership  as well as collaborative endeavors in the future together. 

Continuing Involvement

My work with The Nouwen Legacy which I started under the umbrella of The Leadership Institute will continue, albeit in a lesser capacity. Occasionally, I will still conduct retreats here and there and I hope to continue teaching Nouwen courses once in a while wherever there are open opportunities that do not conflict with my work with Spring Arbor. My desire is to forge an even stronger tie and partnership with the Henri Nouwen Society so I can continue promoting Nouwen's spiritual legacy. My third book which rounds off my trilogy work with Paulist Press is expected to be out by the end of this year (see preview below).

HN SP Book


Summer greetings!

About half a year ago, I felt led to pray that I would "land" into a new situation where I'd know, beyond a doubt, that it's something God Himself is opening up for me. After five wonderful years of doing a combination of spiritual direction practice, retreat leading, course teaching all across the country (under the umbrella of The Leadership Institute), I really had that inner sense that the time has come for me to sort of "settle down" and focus more. While I've enjoyed immensely everything I've been previously involved in, I've long felt the need for greater stability on all fronts. I've also been looking for the right outlet and context for a number of my dreams, which have been lingering on my mind for the longest while now, to slowly be realized

After a considerable period of waiting, I believe that God's "kairos" moment has come! I'm happy to say that I'm finally "landing" well where God is situating me at this juncture in my journey. I do have complete peace of mind and heart that God is gifting me with this NEW openings. Read on and rejoice with me on all this NEWs!

Grateful for God's faithfulness,


SAU Logo I accepted the offer to teach full-time at the Department of Theology of Spring Arbor University in Michigan starting this fall semester as associate professor of Christian Spirituality. For the past two years now, I have been teaching a Henri Nouwen course for them online which has proven to be a great experience. As well, last January, I've had the privilege of leading a retreat for their master's students during their residency at Serra Retreat Center in Malibu, CA. That gave me a chance to be exposed to Spring Arbor's students and its program in spiritual formation in a more up close and personal way and I'd have to say that I liked what I saw and experienced! When I was invited to consider and apply for the newly opened position, I prayed seriously that God would lead me clearly and He truly did!

NEW FOCUS   SAU I will be directing the online Master of Arts in Spiritual Formation and Leadership (MSFL) program under Spring Arbor's Department of Theology. At the same time I do have the honor of occupying the Andrews Chair in Spiritual Formation. I have to say that it is, in a lot of ways, a dream job situation for me! I am excited about the prospect of continuing to shape the program and leading it to the next level as opportunities open up. God is giving me a clear vision for it and I can't wait to cooperate with what He is already doing at present!
About the MSFL Online Program at Spring Arbor
Foster Our program and curriculum were forged in close consultation with Richard Foster, the founder of Renovare, whose support and involvement continues through today. We are also grateful for our ongoing relationships with Dallas Willard, Tony Campolo, Robert Mulholland, and other leading figures in the contemporary spiritual formation movement.
MSFL If you or anybody else you know are interested to find out more about this online master's program we are offering through Spring Arbor, you may click the header picture and it will take you to the home page of our MSFL program where you can gather more information. Feel free to email me too at wil.hernandez@arbor.edu or call me at: 517-750-6388.