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For the eleventh year, the Greater Grand Rapids Women’s History Council joins nine other historical organizations to continue an annual winter tradition in Grand Rapids—History Detectives! We used to crowd an auditorium all day in the cold winter. Now we have launched virtual programming which you can start in winter—and finish in summer! Check out the new History Detectives website: https://historydetectivesgr.org/
The offering of the Greater Grand Rapids Women’s History Council
 to History Detectives explores the skills--held or desired--of a forgotten front line.
Unearthing an Army of Women:
Diversity in Our WWI Women's Registration Cards

(Presenters:  Sophia Brewer, Andrea Riley-Mukavetz, Ruth Stevens, Sue Thoms)
In 1918, the Woman’s Committee of the Council of National Defense attempted a census documenting American women’s skills and availability. Over one spring week, 23,000 women from Kent County registered. Their rediscovered cards are now digitized on a fully searchable database and reveal the diversity of American women responding. Area women crossed boundaries of class, religion, race, and ethnicity to come together as volunteers in wartime, and they created a mine of data. 
The GGRWHC presentation for History Detectives samples largely unexplored sociological, historical, and geographic data; highlights individuals and clusters of African American, Native American, immigrant, and working women to illustrate what clues they can add to known women’s history; and offers fascinating tips on the search process. 

You can see from the montage above that the GGRWHC program is one among eight on offer by History Detectives! As early as 2013, the Historical Society of Michigan honored this Grand Rapids series with a State History Award. Please check out the range of programs for 2022 here https://historydetectivesgr.org/programs/ and travel from the shores of Lake Michigan through Grand Rapids to the statewide library in Lansing. 
The History Detectives website https://historydetectivesgr.org/ is rich with information!
Meet our partner organizations here: https://historydetectivesgr.org/about/
Learn more about this year’s presenters: https://historydetectivesgr.org/presenters/
And, if you missed a physical brochure this year, check out 2022’s virtually!
Finally, take a look at the range of programming the History Detectives consortium has offered since 2008.

Follow our social media and newsletters about the March centennial of ERA efforts—yes, the push for an Equal Rights Amendment began in 1922. Then, as now, they seek a constitutional guarantee for women’s rights and citizenship beyond the ability to vote.

Throughout 2022, we will continuing building on this project by framing out local and state-level efforts and by noting the fifty-year anniversaries of 1970s events in women’s history.
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Hats off to the historical women who've shaped West Michigan!
During 2022, in all aspects of our work, we will continue to honor the long list of accomplishments of area women and their costly battles for the right of full participation in their community. We have also recommitted to efforts highlighting women’s history in all its varieties.
For now, because the challenges of the past two years continue, the Greater Grand Rapids Women’s History Council will carry on with virtual programming. But we miss celebrating in person! Keep track of developments by following us via our website (ggrwhc.org), this electronic newsletter, Facebook, etc. Stay tuned, stay safe, and stay exercised!