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The Right Start To Your Semester

So much happens during the first two weeks of a term. Now is the best time to lay a foundation that will help you make sure this semester is successful! Read on for more information about:

  • Know Your GPA Goal: know what grades you have and use that knowledge to calculate the grades you need to reach your goals.

  • Line Up Your Resources: discover what academic support and tutoring will be available both in-person and virtually

  • Organize Your Syllabi: explore how to use your syllabi to better organize the semester ahead.
Know Your GPA Goal
Do The Math

Knowing how to calculate your GPA allows you to make informed predictions about how your current grades may impact your cumulative GPA. It can also help you calculate what grades you need to reach your goals.

You can calculate your GPA using the GPA calculator in Nexus
Students in the School of Business must meet scholastic standing requirements that include GPA requirements and a timeline for completing their critical courses.

Learning to calculate your GPA will empower you to set expectations and goals during the semester.
Line Up Your Resources

UConn has many resources to help you succeed - all you need to do is seek them out!
YOU have been added to the School of Business Academic Guide to Success
where you can ways to build skills such as:

  • Studying smarter, not harder
  • Time management
  • Staying motivated

Check your HuskyCT for access!
Check out these workshops hosted by the Academic Achievement Center
Drop In

Meet with a coach for academic support at Storrs or Hartford! If you want help navigating the transition into courses, this is the resource for you.
AAC's Supplemental Instruction (S.I.)

S.I. is going to be hosted at Storrs. Check your HuskyCT and email for specific information.

These support services are free to UConn students and accessible!
Organize Your Syllabi
  • Read it! Your instructor uses the syllabus to tell you about your time commitments for their class. You can use your syllabi to budget your time both in and out of the classroom.

  • Plan Ahead. Your syllabus can help you finish projects early, or define your daily/weekly task lists months in advance.

Your whole life isn’t about school, but you need to know how school fits into the big picture. Focus on creating a balanced schedule for the semester, starting with the deadlines on your syllabi. Record due dates on your own calendar — don’t leave them on your syllabus to be forgotten!
How to read a syllabus and use it to your advantage!
Organizing your whole semester in a matter of minutes!
Google Calendar is available to all UConn students because your UConn email address is hosted through GMail. You can set up an electronic calendar with programmed reminders, color-coded entries, share events with friends, and more!
HuskyCT also has a calendar feature that will sync to the classes on your dashboard and automatically include due dates that your instructor has programmed into their course module.
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Questions? Do you have a suggestion for academic resources that will help students while engaging in remote learning?