Party-Switcher Beth Fukumoto
has been using State Resources
and State Employees to PROMOTE
Her Jump from GOP to Democrat 

Aloha Republicans:

Wow, Democrat Beth Fukumoto started her lawbreaking as a Democrat before even switching parties. Thanks to behind-the-scenes video provided to HIRA by liberal mainland reporters (who came to town for exclusive advance media access to Fukumoto's big announcement), we learned that she has been using
public resources in her State Capitol office for her partisan rebranding and using her state employees as political consultants .
For months, Fukumoto and her state employees have been promoting her party switch with press releases, press conferences, promo on social media, planning political rallies and lots more in her State Capitol office. Using tax dollars, state resources, and liberal reporters to launch her new political affiliation and partisan transformation is NOT legal state business --- NOT BY A LONG SHOT.

By her own admission, her political affiliation won't affect how she does her job. So, by providing extensive special treatment to herself, Fukumoto, her chief of staff (her sister), and her employees at the State Capitol have likely violated State Ethics Laws repeatedly; which can easily constitute THEFT of public resources.

Yep, she'll fit in nicely as a crooked Democrat. She clearly already knows how to be one. Ironically, getting busted and caught on video seems to be her comeuppance for opportunistically exploiting hardcore Democrat, anti-Trump sentiment to belatedly justify her long-planned defection to the ruling Democrat Party of Hawaii. Damn, state subsidized party switching. Breakin' the law!!


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