Bankruptcy Services
July/August 2018
Legal Aid of Western Michigan represents low income individuals and families who need to file bankruptcy to restore financial stability and protect income and assets. For example, this could mean filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy on behalf of a worker whose wages are being garnished such that they are unable to afford their living expenses. 

Legal Aid will also assist with bankruptcies aimed at protecting a home, such as stopping the garnishment of the homestead property tax credit so the homeowner can use those funds to pay their property taxes, thereby avoiding foreclosure. 

Additionally, Legal Aid will represent individuals who are defending an adversary proceeding in bankruptcy alleging that certain debts are non-dischargeable. For example, our attorneys have done several cases related to the unemployment fraud scandal and whether those debts to the Unemployment Insurance Agency could be discharged in a bankruptcy proceeding. 

Legal Aid only accepts bankruptcy cases where the clients do not have sufficient income or assets to retain a private attorney. Many of our bankruptcies are handled by our excellent pro bono attorneys!  
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