Landlord Tenant Edition
Sept 2019
Eviction is a brutal reality for many people in Western Michigan. In addition to the risk of homelessness, eviction often drives people into lower quality housing in neighborhoods with increased crime and poverty and limited access to education and employment. Being evicted also increases the likelihood of losing your job, hastening a downward spiral.

Legal Aid helps tenants facing eviction. Our attorneys seek justice for tenants in court, challenging unfair and illegal rental practices, uninhabitable living conditions, and landlords’ failure to comply with local ordinance requirements. By offering free legal assistance to those who can’t afford it, we help tenants maintain stability in their lives and avoid a housing crisis.

Emma (not her real name) needed help paying her rent, but she did not qualify for rental assistance because her mobile home was not properly registered. Things got worse for Emma when the township inspector condemned her mobile home park, and then her landlord sued to evict her for falling behind in rent. Thankfully, LAWM Staff Attorney Cassandra Sanders was able to help Emma. Cassandra successfully negotiated with both the landlord and the township inspector and got the eviction case against Emma dismissed, freeing her to find new—and safe—housing. Emma reports that she recently found a "perfect" place and hopes to sign the lease soon!


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