LAYERS of LYME a Recovery Story - 1st May 2017
LAYERS of LYME a Recovery Story
Book Update!
Hi. Thank you for requesting to be kept up to date with news on my book project. If you haven't been following on my Layers of Lyme facebook page or Twitter here's a quick update...

Radar and I are currently enjoying house sitting on an off-grid bush block near Sydney while I write the book. We have been 'homeless' since we left Darwin on 1st March 2016!

INJURED! - In December just as I was about to start writing the book I suffered a spinal injury while riding a horse for friends who were abroad. This required lying mostly flat for a 3 months as sitting, standing or walking was very uncomfortable. I found myself walking with ski poles in 43 degree heat!!

Christmas was cancelled and I missed my birthday on New Year's Eve... but on the bright side I had a lot of spare time to read through my notes & journals and do some extra research into the current status of Lyme disease ready for my book.

Go Go Go!
I started writing in March in short bursts lying down & using an old surfboard as a desk... well I am in Australia at the moment!....I was so keen to tell my story and hopefully inspire other Lyme patients that I just carried on anyway.

Now my back is better writing is in full swing! I have been working evenings, weekends and public holidays to get
back on track.

I am very excited to let you know that the book is now in the editing stages and I hope to launch  very soon!

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Stretchy and Radar
Funding Goals!...
My goal is to get my book to as many Lyme patients as possible in e-version
and print format.

I'm also planning a series of follow-on resources such as: ebooklets, videos, seminars & online interviews with Lyme literate health professionals. The more money I raise, the more I can do!  

Stand by for news of the Layers of Lyme Crowd Funding Campaign!
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