Dear Business & Community Partners,

We have missed you and hope that each and every one of you is safe and well as you transition from an unfamiliar and challenging summer to a more hopeful fall. While this year will not be the one we envisioned, we are thrilled to be here and welcome our students back to school.

As we begin the year through distance learning, CaLL is dedicated to continue providing inspiring career-linked experiences that empower and prepare LBUSD students to make informed decisions about their futures. It is absolutely critical that we provide equitable access to these opportunities, especially for our African American and underrepresented students of color. We cannot do this work alone and we will need your help as we navigate the year ahead with racial equity at the forefront.

Thank you all for your valuable contributions and continued support. We look forward to staying connected with you and fostering new partnerships in an effort to collaboratively support LBUSD students in their journeys toward college, career and life success. 

With Gratitude,

Michelle Thomassian | Administrator, Business Engagement & Strategic Partnerships
Marketing and Media Services, LBUSD
Despite the many barriers and challenges caused by the pandemic, CaLL was fortunate enough to be able to place student interns this summer.
Over in LBUSD's Marketing and Media Services (MMS) department, high school seniors Zoya Siddiqui, (Sato Academy) and Maya Bryson (Wilson High School), got the chance to work closely with staff to film and edit new student orientation videos for Cabrillo and Browning High Schools.
They were able to develop and fine-tune their marketing, research and communications skills by producing content and creating a multitude of social media posts for the department.

Maya and Zoya cited fact-checking as the most important skill they learned from the MMS team, both in emphatic agreement that when communicating with the public it is absolutely critical to share accurate information, always. They also shared that professional mentorship from Ms. Myrna Aguilar was an invaluable part of their internship experience.

Maya and Zoya also had the unique opportunity to participate in an episode of LBUSD's, "We All Have a Story" podcast series, which was hosted by LBUSD Superintendent, Dr. Jill Baker. They shared their valuable perspectives on the pandemic and what it was like to experience school campus closures last spring. They also discussed their Linked Learning Career Pathways and all that they learned during their summer internships. Be sure to check out the video above!
Virtual Internship, Long Beach BLAST
Students who participated in virtual internships with Long Beach BLAST, a non-profit youth mentorship organization, experienced a new, exciting and innovative career-linked learning opportunity this summer. Rilei Johnson and Eryn Pitts, both Poly High School seniors, virtually met with various staff members on a regular basis and managed projects including the development of goal-setting activities to be implemented in BLAST’s Bridge to Success Program. Internship supervisors greatly appreciated the lenses Rilei and Eryn brought to their work and leveraged their valuable student perspectives by incorporating their feedback into program curricula that support high school students.

Internship projects and schedules were managed remotely, which helped Eryn and Rilei utilize and strengthen their professional and technical communications skills. The virtual experience also allowed them to demonstrate their ability to take initiative and work autonomously, as well as practice time management, collaboration and problem-solving skills. While exploring a new remote set-up, Rilei and Eryn said they always felt supported as their supervisors were just a phone call or virtual chat away.

Eryn and Rilei shared they were inspired by the non-profit world and the human services work BLAST is doing to support youth in the Long Beach community. They were grateful to support this organization and its initiatives, and BLAST was even more grateful for their contributions.
Internships Now Available During the School Year!
Could your business or organization use support from a virtual intern? Please let us know as CaLL is now facilitating virtual student internships during the academic school year! If you’d like to learn more, please contact us at For more information including virtual internship templates and resources, check out our webpage at
LB CaLL, now under Business Engagement and Strategic Partnerships, has a new home in the Long Beach Unified School District Administration Building, located at 1515 Hughes Way. 

We thank all of our LBUSD students, families, community members, district leaders, school board, teachers, staff and administrators, for all of their hard work and resilience, and welcome everyone back to the new school year ahead. #ProudToBeLBUSD
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