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Merry Christmas From the Liberty Family to Yours!!!!
This Christmas as we celebrate the King in our lives, we are extremely thankful for the sacrifices that you and your family are paying to serve the Call of God in your life. We know that following the call is a family call, and we are thankful for the sacrifices that all pay for serving God. 
Chaplaincy During Hurricane Relief
“The Lord has me here for such a time as this.” Those words echoed in my mind as the 155 mph winds of Hurricane Maria hammered the island of Puerto Rico. As is widely known, thousands of military families were displaced, 3.5 million people on the island were left without power and potable water, and the damages left behind a100-billion-dollar price tag. So, what is a chaplain supposed to do in such a time of tragedy like this? What does he do when he has to wave goodbye to his family, his support, as they evacuate to the states on a C-130? And what does he do when he himself emotionally scarred by the storm realizes the daunting task ahead? It’s simple, he takes refuge in the Lord.

Embracing God’s providence in placing me here for such a time as this has truly been my sustaining hope in propelling me during these days of suffering. My passionate desire through it all has been to be a reminder of God’s goodness to those around me as I walk and suffer with these people. God in his grace has allowed me not only to provide pastoral care to 100s of military members deployed here to rebuild, but he has also allowed me the opportunity to deliver thousands of pounds of food and water to local orphanages, churches, and communities – giving me inroads to people’s lives I would not otherwise had! I praise God for this.

While much has been accomplished the work is not done. Only sixty-five percent of the island has power, but we are recovering. Please continue keep us in your prayer – especially that the hope and grace of Light will shine ever brighter on this little island.

“‘When you pass through the waters…they will not overwhelm you.’ ‘I have called you by your name; you are Mine.’” -Isaiah 43.

LT Francisco L. Muñiz Valle
Command Chaplain
Coast Guard Air Station Borinquen
Chaplain Report
We know that all of our chaplains report to their perspective employers. It is your accountability tool with your employer. In the same manner, as chaplains with Liberty Baptist Fellowship, we ask that you remain accountable to us with your report. As a part of that, it is our way of remaining accountable with you. We want to tell your story to our leaders and others. If we don't know your story, we can't tell it. Also, we want to know your prayer requests and problems you may be facing. As your endorsing team, we are concerned about you and want to pray and care for you. We realize that at times we get so consumed in the care of others that we forget to care for ourselves, this is where the accountability comes in. We want to care for you! So, if you haven't done your report yet, get it done before the end of the year.
December 31, 2017 is the date your annual dues need to be submitted. We are grateful that many of you have beat the deadline. Your dues are important to us and make our ministry possible. In years past collecting dues has not been a priority. However, Liberty Baptist Fellowship leadership has directed that we balance our budget and insure every chaplain participates in making this ministry possible. In other words, your dues allow us to do ministry. If we get out to see our chaplains (which we are enjoying), care for our chaplains and families, your dues make it possible. We do not want the dues to be excessive or burdensome. For this reason we are keeping them low. Again, the deadline for dues is 31 December. Please get your dues into us before then. If you are having a problem paying them, please contact us.
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