May Newsletter
Honor and Remember
I grew up in a military family.  My dad was a career Naval Officer, serving 30 years.  He retired in 1970.  I learned later in life, Thanksgiving 1996 to be exact, that my dad was a Pearl Harbor Survivor.  That day changed my life.  I am pretty sure I didn’t think a lot about my dad’s service in the military up to that point. However, after that Thanksgiving and the stories he told, my life was forever changed.
Early on in my life God called me to ministry.  He later called me to be an Army Chaplain.  I am pretty sure God has a sense of humor!  My dad and I traded that Army/Navy football back and forth for a number of years, until he kept it for about 11 years straight until he died. After that, I am not sure where that football went!
 I am sure that if you serve in the military that you know you are in the minority among your peers throughout history.  In fact, only 1% of our nation has ever served in the military.  That is a sobering thought.  To think about the wars our nation has fought, and the battles we have been involved in, and yet, only 1% of our nation has ever served!  
 The military is part of a family.  I remember as a kid we would travel in our old Chevrolet.  Never a Ford!  There were 5 of us.  My mom and dad, my older sister and brother.  Of course, we fought for space in that old Chevy.  I always won!  I got the floor…at least I thought I won.  For me I did. My dad would often stop and pick up military hitch hikers.  It was common in those days.  Obviously, times have changed.  However, my dad would stop, pick up the young man.  He would throw his “green duffle bag” in the car and away we would roll. It just became part of life. Somewhere down the road we stopped picking those hitchhikers up, but I do remember those days. 
This year as we have already celebrated Memorial Day, the Day we Remember all of those service members who laid their lives on the altar of freedom and sacrificed their lives for our freedoms.  We also will celebrate that Freedom on July 4 th !  We will celebrate our Independence Day.  These two holidays remind us that America does depend upon the 1% to protect it from enemies both foreign and domestic.  
Here at Liberty Baptist Fellowship we want to thank you for living out the Call that God placed upon your life.  We are honored to serve you!  Please don’t hesitate to contact us with prayer requests or needs that you might have. We love each of you, and celebrate you in ministry.
Dr. Keith Travis Ch, Col, USA (Ret.)
Associate Endorser, Liberty Baptist Fellowship 

Featured Chaplains
Chaplain Benjamin Skelton
May 24, Ch Benjamin Skelton met two Hollywood Stars, Seth Green and Matthew Lillard, as they toured remote sites with him via HELO at Incirlike Air Base in Turkey.
Chaplain Justin Bernard
On May 8th, Ch Justin Bernard had the honor of hosting Mess Night for the House of Representatives and Secretary of Defense General Jim Mattis at the Marine Barracks in Washington, DC.
Nascar Tribute to LU Veterans

NASCAR Cup Series William Byron competed his first “600 Miles of Remembrance” race at Charlotte Motor Speedway on May 27, driving the No. 24 Liberty University Chevrolet Camaro.

He honored Army Maj Mike Donahue across his windshield.
Maj. Donahue was an Army Airborne Corps paratrooper who was killed in September 2014 from a Taliban suicide attack in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Retired Air Force Lt. Col. Charlie Davidson, whose name was displayed above the driver’s side door, had a decorated 20-year career as a military chaplain before becoming director of Liberty’s Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.) program and LBF Endorsing Agent. He had ties to NASCAR as a member of Bristol Raceway Ministries’ Board of Directors. Davidson died April 21, 2017 following a battle with cancer.
New LBF Members
Daniel Gurtner
Jude Victor
Olaoluwa Oladubu
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