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A Focal Point Interview with Matt Cook
There is still time to register for Focal Point 2017 
Don't miss this one-day event that past participants have called "a fantastic program for multiple areas of our organization" and "a small, well-focused conference for the sustainable packaging industry."
Register online for the seventh annual Focal Point conference, set for October 24 at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point; conference fee is just $400. See below interview for more information about the conference.

Focal Point Interview with Matt Cook, CEO of LBP Manufacturing

Matt Cook will provide the keynote presentation at Focal Point 2017, now just two weeks  away. His presentation, "Modernizing Innovative Thinking," will provide a fresh perspective on how delivering innovative solutions in the food service industry is evolving, insights on aligning our industry, and observations on the importance of transparency and finding the balance between science, sustainability, and performance to deliver on consumer expectations. Ahead of the conference, we asked Cook for brief comments about his company and its approach to innovation in sustainable food and beverage containers.

WIST:  For people who may not be familiar with LBP Manufacturing, can you tell us briefly about the company? 
Matt Cook
Matt Cook: Homegrown in Chicago with worldwide appeal. Chicago-based LBP Manufacturing combines innovation and performance to develop consumer-preferred, sustainable, on-the-go packaging. LBP harnesses innovation in material science, state-of-the-art equipment and converting technology to meet the varying demands of consumer packages for beloved brands. LBP's distinctive, disposable, food and beverages packaging portfolio ranges from custom single serve to unique catering-sized packages.
WIST:  LBP has secured many patents on sustainable food and beverage containers. How does the company approach the process of innovating for new product development opportunities?  
Matt Cook:  It all starts with having an intimate understanding of customer needs and goals. This is when our team gets to work. We think about the problem and then quickly focus on solutions, adopting a rapid ideation model that quickly gets our team pointed in the right direction.

We evolve ideas and get to a first-generation prototype. Then we engage our customer for their feedback and start down the collaborative development process. We'll keep working a problem until we find the solution that meets the need within the parameters. Once the concept is approved and we're ready for ramp up, the full complement of our team becomes engaged to bring this concept to completion.

WIST:  What do you think the level of awareness is for consumers in terms of the sustainability of the food packaging they encounter and do you think the packaging industry needs to change that?
Matt Cook:  At LBP, we think the level of awareness regarding sustainability is growing and is top-of-mind for today's consumers. That said, there is an opportunity to educate and spread one common understanding of recyclability terms, definitions, and best practices. This will help to limit the amount of green-washing and myths in the marketplace so consumers have a clearer understanding. 
Attend Focal Point 2017 to hear:
  • Brand-owner perspectives on paper-based food packaging and serviceware items
  • Insights from leading converting companies about future needs and trends in paper and           paperboard packaging
  • Innovations targeting superior performance 
  • End-of-life management practices that improve environmental footprints
  • Regulatory insights on paper-based food packaging and serviceware

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