Volume 01 | May 4, 2021
LBVIA 2021 Spring News
Legal Lake Level Modification
First and foremost, after nearly two long years, the Kent County Circuit Court has approved the LBV requested order to modify the legal maximum lake level that had previously been set in 1970. The new legal maximum level is set at 3/10ths of a foot lower than it was previously, ultimately allowing the lake to self drain at a lower elevation than what we experienced during the last two years of high water. This took a lot of relentless effort by many board members, staff and county officials and is a major accomplishment for generations to come!
The Boating Season is Upon Us
Please boat responsibly
As the weather heats up so does the traffic on our lake! Please know that although we consider ourselves a "Private Lake", Michigan Law governs our water body and here is a link to their site with access to a 2021 boating handbook. This notice was written by the LBV Board and it addresses many questions and complaints we receive every year. Please take a moment to read it and educate all watercraft operators in your family or as your guests on LBV.
Wednesday Evening Quiet Hour

Please observe the Wednesday evening quiet hours from 7:00 pm until dark. This gives all the members trying to fish, kayak, paddle board, etc. the opportunity to enjoy a calm evening on the lake each week!
Control Your Wake!
Wake boarding and surfing has become a very popular sport! Due to the depth of water requirements for wake boats to operate optimally, a majority of wake boating activity takes place on the West end of LBV and those lake front homeowners may experience overwhelming wave action at times. Please be courteous while operating your wake boat and be sure to control the wake you create!
Who to Call
Water emergency-
LBVIA Office 616-874-6777
Answering Service 616-242-8626

Water shut off for repairs-
LBVIA Office 616-874-6777

Selling or sold your home-
LBVIA Office 616-874-6777

New resident-
LBVIA Office616-874-6777

Street light out or damaged-
Consumers Energy 800-477-5050

Association park or property damage-
LBVIA Office 616-874-6777

Street sign or mail box repair-
LBVIA Office 616-874-6777

Pot holes in the roads-
Kent County Road Commission 616-242-6900

Barking or unleashed dogs-
Kent County Animal Control 616-632-7300

Speeding traffic/unlawful boat operation-
Kent County Sheriffs Department 616-632-6100
or 911
LBVIA Office
6411 Bella Vista Dr.
Rockford, MI 49341
Office Hours
Mon-Fri 9:00am-Noon and 1:00pm-4:00pm

LBVIA Board of Directors
The association board of directors meets at 7:00pm on the fourth Monday of each month. Meetings often cover an array of topics anywhere from regular business to special projects to resident concerns. This is the best way to have your voice or concern presented as the board works as whole for the betterment of the community. If you ever have a topic or item you'd like addressed at a regular board meeting, please contact the office with the details.

2020-2021 LBVIA Directors
President- Casey Smith
Vice President- Gene Kuehle
Treasurer- Brandon Graetz
Secretary- Lorrie Haney
Jeff Agar
Pat Dalton
Bill VanEck
Mark Wells
Adam Zuzelski

Association Staff
Association Manager-
Dave Schmuker
Office Manager-
Robin R. Bell
See Something - Say Something!!!
When association property is vandalized and damaged, we all incur unnecessary expenses for material repairs and association staff time. In the event you see an act of vandalism taking place, please report it to the proper authority. It may mean you can simply intervene and let the individuals know they are doing something wrong and stop the act before damage is cause, or you may be able to report it directly to the association office. You may also call 911 to report the vandalism. Please do your part to help protect the associations assets!
Upcoming Events

Third Annual Fishing Derby
June 5th

Registration opens May 22. For more information and to sign up,

Water Tower Service
Tower out of service and sprinkling ban in effect
May 10-24

Hydrant Flushing

Backflow Testing
Early June

4th of July

Why is Lake Bella Vista such a beautiful place to call home???
The Lake Bella Vista Community is a beautiful place to call home, and we can all agree on that! This is not just because of the wonderful members and residents that make up the population, but also because of the care and upkeep put forth by so many homeowners, the board of directors, and the association staff.

Here are a few things to keep in mind and to help keep the community beautiful:

If you are planning an exterior remodel or addition:
  • Most likely the plans will have to be approved by the LBVIA Architectural Control Committee. Guidance of what is typically required for submission can be found here.

Garbage, yard waste and recycle bins:
  • Bag your garbage and make sure it all fits within the bins at the end of your driveway on trash day. This will decrease the amount of scavengers in the neighborhood as well as keep trash from blowing around on windy days!
  • Store the receptacles inside your garage or in a inconspicuous place on the side of your house.
  • Do not leave trash bins at the end of your driveway for more than 24 hours.

Storage of boats, trailers, campers, RVs, or UVs on your property or in the street:
  • The association manager regularly tours the community to look for violations, in part, listed above and to place violation notices on the property. Attached is a typical violation tag of the most common offenses. A list of all the association by laws, deeds and restrictions can be found on our website.

No phosphorus fertilizer!

All on-street storm drains within LBV drain to our lakes:
  • Do your part!
  1. Keep street drains clear of debris in front of your home.
  2. Blow grass and fertilizer from all paved surfaces back into your yard.
  3. Abide by the above mentioned ordinance.
Mailbox replacement schedule:
  • 2021- Arbol, Arbol Ct, Cuesta Way, Decosta, Decosta Ct, Dorado Ct, Esperanza, Loma Linda, and Loma Linda Ct.
  • 2022- Belding Commercial, Belinda, Camino del Rey, Crescenda, Las Palmas, Miramonte, 9-Mile, and Tesoro.
  • 2023- Gran Via, Gran Via Ct, Laguna Vista, Los Altos, Valencia, East and West Via Vista Ct.
LBV Common Areas
Lake Bella Vista has 21 listed common areas (get the map here). There are docks installed at 11 of the lake front parks. These common areas are managed and maintained by association staff and hired contractors. Over the past few years, many improvements have been made to these parks to beautify the association's property! All new aluminum docks replaced the older wooden docks, new black painted picnic tables have replaced the wooden ones, benches have been installed on the dam, numerous new trees have been planted or removed, decks have been installed or renovated with manufactured wood, the paved section of the boat launch was extended 12' further into the water, a second pickleball court was added to compliment the first one at the tennis courts, new nets were installed at the tennis courts and volleyball pit, retaining walls were pressure washed to improve their appearance, underground sprinkling was installed at Vista de Oro, and flower gardens or planters have added or maintained in a beautiful manner!

All of this said, do your part and follow the rules!
  • Do not use the association green space as your own property and place any of your items such as swing sets or trampolines within the park boundaries.
  • Absolutely do not use the park behind your home as a dump site for yard waste!
  • No unauthorized motorized vehicles

Association parks are private property and are for the enjoyment of all association members and guests. If you feel someone is encroaching upon or using the park in a harmful or disrespectful manner please report it directly to the LBVIA Office or Manager.
2021 Lake Management Plans
The association has once again contracted PLM (Professional Lake Management) to monitor water quality and to manage and treat the weeds and algae in both lakes this year. Both the large lake and small lake are treated annually for nuisance invasive and native weeds as well as for algae. It is very important that each homeowner does their part as well!

Want a sandy swim area with fewer weeds and muck?

We have heard that some residents are having a lot success improving their swim areas using tools like these:

The more the bottom of the lake is agitated and organic plant matter is removed, the sooner muck will break down and weeds can be prevented leaving a cleaner, often sandy swim area!
Due to State of Michigan and EGLE regulations, PLM is only allowed to treat weeds in select portions of the shoreline and cannot treat where fish and their nests are present. PLM cannot spray for weeds around resident docks based on requests. We strongly encourage all lakefront residents to use tools like these to keep up a sandy swim area!!