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March 16 - Hart Field will be open from 2:30-4:00 to clean out lockers

March 17-April 24 - Schools Closed due to COVID-19
  • we will continue to send you updates via email and phone messages

March 22 - Lilac Coronation Ceremony Live-Stream ( see below for more info )
Who could even imagine?

One week ago, we were reeling from the change in Daylight Savings Time and anticipating the weirdness that almost always accompanies a full moon and a Friday the 13th.

We knew the week would likely be lively – but, wow.

I think most of us here at LC spent our weekends adjusting. Deep breathing. Reminding ourselves that even though we as educators tend to be pretty Type A, liking order and control and planning A LOT, we are here in a circumstance wherein we have very little control over our environment.

But the good news is that we have a ton of control within our environment.

How we choose to spend the next six weeks as we stay home and avoid social contacts, is going to really test our mettle.

Already this weekend and this morning, I’m seeing teachers sharing websites, resources, documents, and protocols for supporting students.

Already this morning, our take home bags of food for families in need are poised and ready for pick up at the end of the day, thanks to kids and community volunteers.

Already this morning, our staff has been assuring anxious seniors that it will all work out, that credits and testing will all be addressed, and that a diploma will find its way to our students.

Last night I got invited to a Facebook Fitness group for folks who want to hit fitness goals in ways outside of gym time.

My neighborhood church went full-metal virtual over the weekend with live-streamed worship services.

I hope that we spend our time apart figuring out ways to support the most vulnerable among us well and whole-heartedly.

Our building will be occupied by admin and a handful of other employees while we are away, so if the spirit moves you to bring down a bag of clothing, hygiene products, grocery gift cards, non-perishables, book, puzzles, etc., know that we will be checking on our most fragile families during the time out of school and will bring what we can to their doorsteps. (Social distancing mandates observed, for sure.)

Bottom line, we will miss your kids. So much.

Our staff will be reaching out to them every week and providing suggested activities like readings, video links, journal prompts, etc., to keep them connected, but we know that we will just get pretty yearn-y to see them and make sure they are faring well.

Please stay connected to local news, social media, etc., for updates regarding return to school in a few weeks. (SPS Facebook: )

And stay well – your work as parents just got more complicated, so get rest and breathe deep. We will all get through this.

Marybeth Smith
LC Principal
We value your feedback! We are surveying LC families to gain insight into your perception of school and district effectiveness. To ensure we continue to provide high quality, rigorous, safe learning experiences that meet the needs of our students, we need your feedback. We want to know what you think. The survey should not take more than a few minutes to complete and will be a valuable source of information for us as we work to make our school and district as good as they can be. You may complete the survey on line between February 10 and May 24.
Good News: Share your good news with us! We love to feature the incredible things our students are doing inside and outside of school. If you have good news to share, please send it to Theresa Meyer to be included in the LCNYCU.
Good News: The Spokane Lilac Coronation planned for March 22 will be closed to the public, but they will live-stream the event. Go to for more information. Good luck to LC Princess Morgan Armstrong !
Good News: LC Senior Josh Hechtman has been selected as a recipient of the Governor's Volunteer Service Award for his work on ReProduce 81, a food recovery nonprofit organization. Congratulations Josh!
Good News: The LC Tiger DECA Team had a incredible time at the state competition with 7 Tigers heading to Nashville in April for the International Career Development Conference! Congratulations to:
  • State finalist team Alex Ellingson and Jack Garvin (Buying and Merchandising)
  • National qualifier team Jessie Quacquarini and Serafina Radford (Student based enterprise)
  • 3rd place team Marina Swartout, Bella Schmick and Kat Maciver (Community Giving Project)
  • 5th place Joy Koston and Claire Murphy (Financial Services)
Good News: Congratulations to the LC Tiger Drill Team for placing 1st in District Military and Kick categories last weekend! Next they are off to State in Yakima. Good luck Tiiiiiiger Drill Team!
Accepted: Please let Theresa Meyer know when your Senior has been accepted to a post-high school institution. Seniors can also fill out an Accepted slip in the Career Center (room 105). Please include scholarship information so we can share the good news!
Accepted: LC Senior David Adewale has been accepted to the University of Washington - Seattle. Go Huskies!
Accepted: LC Senior Eli Armstrong has been accepted to Loyola Marymount University - Los Angeles, the University of San Diego, Gonzaga University, and the University of Portland. Go Lions, Toleros, Bulldogs, and Pilots!
Accepted: LC Senior Morgan Armstrong has been accepted to Boise State University (with the GEM Scholarship for $15,000 per year), California Polytechnic State University, Grand Canyon University (with the President's Scholarship for $7,500), the University of Washington - Seattle, and Washington State University (with the Distinguished University Achievement Award for $4,000 and the Experience WSU Scholarship for $4,000). Go Broncos, Mustangs, Antelopes, Huskies, and Cougs!
Accepted: LC Senior Emily Bendickson has been accepted to the University of Washington - Seattle. Go Huskies!
Accepted: LC Senior Emma Dailey has been accepted to the University of Washington - Seattle, , the University of Montana (and has been awarded a full WUE Scholarship), and the University of Oregon (and has been awarded the Summit Scholarship for $10,000 per year). Go Huskies, Bobcats, and Ducks!
Accepted: LC Senior Bri Dashiell has been accepted to Baylor University and has been awarded an $84,000 academic scholarship over four years. Go Bears!
Accepted: LC Senior Isabella DeLis has been accepted to the University of Washington - Seattle and has been accepted in the brand new Marine Biology progr. Go Huskies!
Accepted: LC Senior Meredith Dirkman has been accepted to the University of Washington - Seattle. Go Huskies!
Accepted: LC Senior Rachel Douglas has been accepted to Spokane Falls Community College. Go Sasquatch!
Accepted: LC Senior Caymus Ducharme has been accepted to the University of Washington - Seattle. Go Huskies!
Accepted: LC Senior Mia Etter has been accepted to the University of Washington - Seattle. Go Huskies!
Accepted: LC Senior Cate Fasbender has been accepted to the University of Washington - Seattle, the University of Oregon, Boise State University, the University of Hawaii - Manoa, Washington State University, and Syracuse University. Go Huskies, Ducks, Broncos, Rainbow Warriors, Cougs, and Syracuse!
Accepted: LC Senior Becca Fox has been accepted to California Polytechnic State University, Western Washington University, and the University of Washington - Seattle. Go Mustangs, Huskies, and Vikings!
Accepted: LC Senior Emma Guin has been accepted to the University of Washington - Seattle and the University of California - Santa Cruz. Go Huskies and Banana Slugs!
Accepted: LC Senior Justyn Hamilton has been accepted into BS-nursing program for both Pacific Lutheran University and Seattle University. Go Knights and Redhawks!
Accepted: LC Senior Karrigen Hanson has been accepted to the University of Oregon (and has been awarded a $20,000 Minds Move Mountains Scholarship) and Montana State University (and has been awarded a $48,000 WUE Scholarship). Go Ducks and Bobcats!
Accepted: LC Senior Isla Hargreaves has been accepted to the University of Washington - Seattle and the University of Bristol - England. Go Huskies and Hedgehogs!
Accepted: LC Senior Miles Heath has been accepted to the University of Washington - Seattle and Syracuse University. Go Huskies and Orange!
Accepted: LC Senior Sarah Hockett has been accepted to Whitman College, Colorado Christian University, George Fox University, Western Washington University, Montana State University, Washington State University, and Eastern Washington University. Go Blues, Cougars, Bruins, Vikings, Bobcats, Cougs, and Eagles!
Accepted: LC Senior Eli Hollon has been accepted to the University of Washington - Seattle. Go Huskies!
Accepted: LC Senior Emma John has been accepted to the University of Washington - Seattle. Go Huskies!
Accepted: LC Senior Serine Johansen has been accepted to the University of Washington - Seattle, Western Washington University, and Washington State University. Go Huskies, Vikings, and Cougs!
Accepted: LC Senior Joy Koston has been accepted to the University of Washington - Seattle, the University of Denver, and the University of Puget Sound. Go Huskies, Pioneers, and Loggers!
Accepted: LC Senior Samiah Kuntz has been accepted to the University of Oregon. Go Ducks!
Accepted: LC Senior Kali Ledeboer has been accepted to the University of Washington - Seattle and the University of Idaho. Go Huskies and Vandals!
Accepted: LC Senior Erin Miller has been accepted to California Polytechnic State University. Go Mustangs!
Accepted: LC Senior Kian Miner has been accepted to the University of Washington and California Polytechnic State University. Go Huskies and Mustangs!
Accepted: LC Senior Jaxon Morris has been accepted to the University of Washington - Seattle and the University of Colorado - Boulder. Go Huskies and Buffaloes!
Accepted: LC Senior Claire Murphy has been accepted to the University of Washington - Seattle. Go Huskies!
Accepted: LC Senior Callen Neff has been accepted to the University of Washington - Seattle and Western Washington University. Go Huskies and Vikings!
Accepted: LC Senior Tate Nelson has been accepted to the University of Washington - Seattle. Go Huskies!
Accepted: LC Senior Patrick North has been accepted to Washington University - St. Louis. Go Bears!
Accepted: LC Senior Janet Phang has been accepted to the University of Washington - Seattle. Go Huskies!
Accepted: LC Senior Emily Pitts has been accepted to the University of Washington - Seattle. Go Huskies!
Accepted: LC Senior Chloe Pond has been accepted to the University of Washington - Seattle, the University of San Francisco (and has been awarded a $20,000 per year academic scholarship), the University of Portland (and has been awarded a $20,000 per year Presidential Scholarship), California Polytechnic State University - San Luis Obispo, Reed College (and has been awarded a $40,500 per year Reed Grant), and the University of California - Santa Cruz. Go Huskies, Dons, Pilots, Mustangs, Griffins, and Banana Slugs!
Accepted: LC Senior Andrew Rindge has been accepted to the University of Washington - Seattle. Go Huskies!
Accepted: LC Senior Parisa Saleki has been accepted to the University of Washington - Seattle and the University of California - San Diego. Go Huskies and Tritons!
Accepted: LC Senior Evan Schweifler has been accepted to the University of Washington - Bothell. Go Huskies!
Accepted: LC Senior Sevrin Smith has been accepted to the University of Washington - Seattle, Washington State University, and Montana State University. Go Huskies, Cougs, and Bobcats!
Accepted: LC Senior Kelsey Williams has been accepted to Baylor University (and has been awarded the Dean's Scholarship for $64,000 over four years) and the University of Minnesota. Go Bears and Golden Gophers!
Access to FREE Internet at Home: As the country deals with the effects of the Coronavirus, Comcast is helping to connect more low-income families to the Internet at home. Effective Monday, March 16, anyone who signs up for Internet Essentials will receive two FREE months of Internet service. After the first two free months expire, you can either cancel the service (which you can do at any time) or keep it as a regular paying Internet Essentials customer ($9.95/month). You will receive an easy to use self-install-kit that includes a cable modem (to receive service at your home) with a WiFi router (to connect your devices without wires). There is no term contract or credit check and no shipping fee for equipment. You can apply at:

You may qualify if:
  • You are eligible for public assistance programs such as Free/Reduced Lunch (National Lunch Program), Housing Assistance, Medicaid, SNAP, SSI.
  • You do not have outstanding debt to Comcast that is less than a year old. Families with outstanding debt more than one year old may still be eligible.
  • You live in an area where Comcast Internet service is available but have not subscribed to it within the last 90 days.
Running Start: As part of the Running Start application process, students and parent/guardian will be required to attend an orientation at LC. During the orientation important information about making the transition to college, balancing the high school and college environments, and keeping informed of important activities and events at Lewis and Clark will be discussed. Attendance at the orientation, by both parent/guardian and student, is required before the LC counselor will sign the Fall Quarter Enrollment Verification Form (EVF). We are tentatively planning an evening meeting on Tuesday, April 28 6:00-7:30pm in the LC Theater. The LC orientation dates are well in advance of the deadline for submitting EVF’s to the colleges, so please mark these dates on your calendar so that the Fall Quarter EVF’s are not delayed. Please feel free to contact Brian Spraggins ( ) or Stacey Donahue ( ) if you have any questions about the LC Running Start orientation.
Senior All-Nighter Garage Sale Is Coming: The 2020 LC Senior All-Nighter Committee will be holding a garage sale on April 25. As you start doing your spring cleaning, please set aside your items and we'll provide more details on where to bring your donations. Sale information: tentatively planned for April 25 8:00-3:00pm at 424 West High Drive.
Fall 2020 SVL: FALL Registration is now open for Spokane Virtual Learning (SVL) for the 2020-2021 school year! Students can find the course offerings and registration information at
  1. Follow the links in the Registration menu
  2. Watch your school email for a link to your SVL registration form and additional information
  3. Print the registration form, sign, have a parent/guardian sign, and take the registration form to your school counselor
LC Senior All-Nighter: Seniors - don't miss out on your big night. Buy tickets for the Senior All-Nighter here . Parents and community members - you can support the LC Senior All-Nighter by becoming a sponsor or by making a donation. Click here for more information.
Tiger Fund Scholarship: The Lewis & Clark Tiger Fund Scholarship was started by the LC Class of 1966 in 2006 in order to recognize an LC senior who has overcome personal and/or life difficulties and has made a commitment to furthering his/her education after graduation from Lewis & Clark High School. We know that there are many students who have potential for college success but often get overlooked for scholarship assistance. We also know that character and desire to improve play a large part in future success in school and life. Two scholarships for $1,000 are available from the 2020 LC Tiger Fund Scholarship fund. You can download the application here . Here are criteria for the scholarship selection:
  1. Applicants must be a LC Senior graduating in 2020.
  2. Must have a verifiable financial need that would make it difficult to pursue a college or university education without monetary assistance.
  3. Must have had a personal life challenge/difficulty that they have overcome.
  4. Must have a cumulative grade point average between 2.5 and 3.49.
Choice Transfers for 2020-2021: For those who are interested in having their current LC student or current middle school student attend a school other than their neighborhood school, the priority enrollment window will be open from January 1- February 15 . During this time, people can complete and submit an application to the first-round enrollment lottery, and make changes anytime through February 15. Learn more on the Spokane Schools Transfer page.

If your child currently attends LC on a choice transfer AND you live within the Spokane Public Schools boundary area, you do NOT need to reapply for next year to continue at LC. If you live outside of the SPS boundaries, you WILL need to reapply for a choice transfer so that your home district can approve the continuing transfer. Please call Karen Payne (354-6889) if you have questions.
Senior Dates - tentative:
  • April 13 - EWU Next Steps
  • April 15 - Associated Builders and Contractors (11:00am)
  • April 16 - SCC/SFCC Applications and Next Steps
  • April 17 - EWU Admit Day
  • April 23 - Mock Crash
  • April 29 - Senior Class Meeting during PAWS
  • May 4-15 - AP Testing
  • May 9 - Prom
  • May 13 - Senior Decision Day
  • May 21 - SFCC Field Trip - Course registration
  • May 27 - Jostens visit - Cap and Gown distribution
  • June 7 - Graduation!!!!
African American Graduation Celebration: the 24th annual African American Graduation Celebration is tentatively set for Saturday, April 25 at 2:00pm at the Eastern Washington University Pence Union Building in Cheney. If you want to participate, see Mr. Norton in the Career Center to get an application to register.
Jostens Senior Orders: Seniors, you can pick up order packets for Jostens Graduation Supplies in the Student Office or go to to order online.
SchooLinks for Seniors: Rising Seniors, its time to start thinking about applying to colleges, so be sure to log into our college application tracking system called SchooLinks to do career interest surveys, college research, and scholarship searches to jump start your process. You can access your account at - look for the link under Headlines.
Join Senior Remind: Rising Seniors, get out your cell phone and join our Class of 2020 Remind group. To receive messages, send a text to the number 81010 and enter @lchsccr20 in the message field. You'll never be out of the loop for deadlines regarding scholarships, testing, college apps, and graduation. Sign up now!
SAT Saturday Testing Information: The SAT will be hosted on Saturdays at LC this year. Students register for exams directly on the SAT website, . Most students take the SAT during their junior or senior year in high school. At least half of all students take the SAT twice - in the spring of their junior year and in the fall of their senior year. Most students also improve their score the second time. Test dates: May 2 , and June 6 . The SAT test costs $64.50 per test with the essay (49.50 without the essay). Late registration incurs an additional $29 fee. If you cannot afford to pay the fee, you can see your counselor to apply for a fee waiver before you register online (click here for fee waiver information: ).
ACT Testing: ACT college admissions test will be offered on Saturdays at Ferris or East Valley or Mt. Spokane High Schools (check the ACT web site for locations - ). Be to the testing site by 7:45am, bring a printed copy of your test ticket, photo ID, pencils, and calculator. The test will end at 12:15pm (or 1:00pm if you are taking the ACT Plus Writing). The ACT costs $62.50 with the writing test ($46 without). Test dates: April 4 , June 13 , and July 18.
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District Logins for Students: When students return for the new school year, they will have one less username and password to remember. Students will log in to their computer with their Office365 username and their eight-digit birth date (MMDDYYYY).  For reference, students’ Office 365 username is their Last Name + last 4 digits of their student ID followed by . Example: . Consistent with prior student experience, when a student logs in to their computer with this new username/password, this will automatically log them into Clever, Blackboard, Office 365 and most other District applications.
GSL Sports Pass for Parents: Ten GSL Schools - One Sports Pass for the Entire School Year for only $70* per adult. One low price for ALL GSL home and away games!
Includes admission to regular season events at all ten GSL schools for football, volleyball, boys & girls basketball, gymnastics and wrestling over $250 value! Attend the game and your GSL Sports Pass allows entry for you and your children that are younger than high school, and with you, to enter for free. Purchase your Sports Pass Online here . Sports Pass Advantages:
  • Eliminate standing in line or finding cash each time you attend a GSL event!
  • Save on walk up pricing of $7/adult and $5/student per game. Do the math!
  • Your children (younger than HS) - attend FREE when accompanied by you!
  • An affordable family activity!

*The GSL Sports Pass is $70 plus a per ticket fee when purchased (ticketing fees, credit card processing and mailing of $6.71). Passes will also be available for cash only purchase at football events at Albi, Gonzaga Prep, UHi or CV for $76.
**The GSL Sports Pass does not include admission to Playoffs, State or tiebreakers.
Join the LC Booster Club: Are you a parent of an Lewis and Clark student? If the answer is yes, then you are a Booster Club member! The LC Booster Club is the official fundraising organization for ALL of the high school’s co-curricular activities and athletics. All proceeds to the Booster Club are allocated to coaches and club sponsors to support their needs. All LC parents are welcome at our monthly meetings and are encouraged to support the fundraising and volunteer opportunities. Visit our website at where you can find information on how to get involved.
Bite2Go Program: Lewis and Clark High School aspires to bring meal security to eliminate the nutritional gap of secondary students on the weekend. We intend to fulfill this goal with the Bite2Go program, which is a program run by LC DECA members meant to help get food to students for the weekend. Directions:
  1. Register at:
  2. Student will need to know their ID number
  3. Select an adult, within the building to receive food from
  4. Make sure to connect with this teacher so they know about the food delivery
  5. Bag of food will be delivered to the adult on Thursday during 5th period
  6. Student will continue to receive food each week. The same menu will be used unless it is changed by the student (filled out another menu with different selections).
Absences: If your student is going to be absent, please call our attendance hotline to excuse the absence at 354-6968. Please leave a message with your name, your student's name, clearly spelling out the last name, how long your student will be absent, and the reason for the absence. An unexcused absence will generate an automated phone call home. If your child is going to have an extended absence, please have them go to the Student Office to pick up an Extended Absence Sheet to give teacher advanced notice of the absence.
FamilyID Athletic Clearance/Registration: FamilyID is a secure registration platform that provides an easy, user-friendly way to register for activities, while helping us to be more administratively efficient and environmentally responsible. When you register, the system keeps track of your information, so you only have to enter it once for multiple uses, family members and programs. If you do not have Internet access, you can use a computer at LC. The first time you register, it is recommended that you use a computer. After that, registrations can easily be done on your phone. If needed, paper packets are still available in the Business Office. Register at:
  1. Go to:
  2. Open an account using a valid email and password of your choice
  3. Within minutes, you will be sent a link to begin registration
  4. After selecting your program and completing registration - CONFIRM REGISTRATION
  5. You will see a confirmation page and you are in.
Donate to the Student Assistance Fund: When you come in to pay student fees in the Business Office, please consider donating to the Student Assistance fund. This fund helps needy students pay for the required class fees and athletic fees. Every dollar donated goes directly to LC students.
Non-Discrimination Statement: Spokane Public Schools complies with all federal and state rules and regulations and does not discriminate on the basis of age, sex, marital status, race, color, creed, national origin, the presence of any sensory, mental, or physical disability, or the use of a trained dog guide or service animal by a person with a disability, sexual orientation including gender expression or gender identity, or honorably discharged veteran or military status. This holds true for all students who are interested in participating in educational programs and/or extracurricular school activities and provides equal access to the Boy Scouts and other designated youth groups. Inquiries regarding compliance and/or grievance procedures may be directed to the school district's Title IX/Staff Civil Rights Officer, ADA Officer, Harassment, Intimidation, Bullying (HIB)/Student Civil Rights Officer and/or 504 Compliance Officer. Officers: *Title IX/Staff Civil Rights Officer, Ramon Alvarez, (509) 354-7344 * Harassment, Intimidation, Bullying (HIB)/Student Civil Rights Officer, Jodi Harmon, (509) 354-7306 *504 Compliance Officer, Jodi Harmon, (509) 354-7306 * ADA Officer, Ramon Alvarez, (509) 354-7344 * Affirmative Action Officer, Ramon Alvarez, (509) 354-7344 * Equal Opportunity Officer, Ramon Alvarez, (509) 354-7344 * 200 N. Bernard Street, Spokane, WA 99201-0206