Contact Information:
Rose Ann Vasquez-LC3 Collaborative Coordinator 575-644-6260
Jessika Romero- LC3 Collaborative Community Organizer  575-800-4839

January 2021 Newsletter
Congratulations LC3 for winning a BEHAVIORAL HEALTH STAR AWARD!!!

"LC3 is being recognized as an outstanding member of your community, as well as an advocate for behavioral health and substance abuse treatment in New Mexico."
-NM Behavioral Health Services Division

The award ceremony will be virtual using the Zoom platform. It is scheduled for February 10th from 9 AM until 11:30 AM. (Zoom link will be sent out before then.)
LC3's NEW webpage!
LC3 would like to give a HUGE thanks to Paso del Norte Health Foundation for offering to host a webpage for LC3 on their website! This will be where important information can be found for LC3 including contact information, documents, past newsletters etc. Please visit the page by clicking the link:
LC3 Strategic Planning Dates
Please review the dates and meeting types below to plan accordingly for our upcoming LC3 meetings.
In addition, please note because we are going into the Strategic Planning Sessions, some dates are not our "normal" days.

LC3 General Meeting: Strategic Planning Design Sessions
Attend either Feb. 17 or March 2. You do not need to attend both dates!
We would like to have an even number of people in each session.
Email, call or text Jessika ( or 575-800-4839)
with the date you can attend.
LC3 Training Opportunities - YR1 Objective: Train 100 individuals
Collaboration Corner
Resilience Leaders
(LC3 serves as the BH Sector):
Strategic Planning Session 1/29 9am-12pm.
Contact: Shannon Hernandez

Mayor's Suicide Prevention Taskforce:
Meets the 3rd Wed. of each month.

UP! Coalition:
Work session in Jan. (Date TBD)
"Talk. They Hear You" Campaign launching soon!
Contact: Alyssa Myrick
Collective Impact Information
Resources for YOU! (Click on yellow links for more information)
Other important information...