Performing Dance Company 2021-2022


Interested in joining LCDC Performing Dance Company 2021-2022!

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*Please complete forms by July18 th to assure your dancer receives all the tryout videos ahead of time.

Date: Friday, July 23rd

Ages: 5 and up (please register for your correct age group)

Attire: All black, tight fitted athletic wear

Hair: Pulled off the face (ponytail or bun)

Shoes: Appropriate style shoe

Fee: $20.00 tryout fee

What you need to complete before tryouts...

  1. Click below and register your dancer for their age group.
  2. Click below and complete your google form for your dancer

What to expect for tryouts...

Each registered participant will receive choreography videos on Sunday, July 18th. They will then watch and learn on their own to the best of their abilities the choreography from the videos. When they come in person on Friday, they will perform the combos in groups, demonstrate skills across the floor, and perform center floor work. Please DO NOT stress over the combos, as our judges are only looking to see how much effort they put forth to learn. Most of the judging will be based off of showing skills, execution, and maturity.

How will they receive the videos...

They will receive all the videos for their age group via email. They should ONLY learn the styles they would like to try out for. There will only be videos sent for Jazz, Hip Hop, and tap... all other styles will show skills on tryout day.

When will they receive their placements...

They will receive their schedules before August 6th via email and parent portal

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