August 2016
Issue 3
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FP7 Collaborative Project


LCE4ROADS is a Collaborative Project from the European Commission's FP7 Work Programme SST.2013.5-3 entitled "Innovative, cost-effective construction and maintenance for safer, greener and climate resilient roads". 

LCE4ROADS final conference to be held on 17th November
Register now to the LCE4ROADS project's final conference on Thursday 17th November at the hotel Bloom in Brussels, Belgium. The conference will present all the project results, including the LCE4ROADS methodology and associated software, as well as the methods for implementing and exploiting the methodology.

Funded by the FP7 programme, the LCE4ROADS project  arises from the necessity for a new, green, holistic and EU-harmonised certification system integrating a Life Cycle Engineering (LCE) approach: environmental indicators along with the economic, technical and social aspects, for the assessment of future and existing road infrastructures, as well as their construction materials such as asphalt mixtures and cement-based materials. For more information,  contact .
Read more below about the recent progress and upcoming events within the project.
Recent highlights from project  
The LCE4ROADS project has less than six months to go as the project will now end at the end of 2016. This represents a three-month extension to enable the feedback to be properly incorporated from a public consultation launched as part of the CEN Workshop Agreement (CWA) process . The results of LCE4ROADS were presented as a pre-standardisation document in CEN and the group CEN/WS SUSTINROADS "Sustainability assessment of roads meeting" was created, with the attendance of road specialists from various EU member states.
This CWA proposes a common set of indicators to be used in road sustainability assessment, which refer to pavement materials (concrete and asphalt) and is being developed in coordination with relevant Committees like CEN/TC 227 "Road materials" and CEN/TC 350 "Sustainability in construction" . The final draft was approved for public consultation until 2nd August at the third meeting of this Workshop in April. A meeting has already been scheduled on 22nd-23rd September in the Netherlands to agree a final document after the public consultation period , in order to publish the result as a CEN document .
A special session for twinning projects involving LCE4ROADS has already been arranged on 20th October at the European Road Infrastructure Congress in Leeds, the UK.

Methodology validated and exploitation developed
Over the past months, the LCE4ROADS methodology and associated software tool has been deeply validated through several real projects across Europe by comparing its outputs with real data. In addition, several methods for implementing and exploiting the methodology have been developed. The consortium envisions that over time, the LCE4ROADS methodology/certificate could replace currently existing country-specific methodologies. It should initiate the improvement of the overall sustainability of infrastructure through Europe by creating an objective sustainability assessment instrument.

LCE4ROADS will create a new market for organisations involved in sustainability assessment. Financing this market should be feasible because of the benefits of a more sustainable infrastructure, which will save money in the long run. The development of the LCE4ROADS guide is still ongoing, which will be a useful document for the user as it will drive him/her along the process of getting the LCE4ROADS certification.
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Aquilino Álvarez Castro
Project Coordinator

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