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LCNAA Spring Meeting
The LCNAA Spring Meeting was held in Charlotte, N.C. on April 9-11 at the Holiday Inn downtown. It was a great time to fellowship, exchange ideas, hear updates from President Jimmy Jenkins and Alumni Chapter Presidents and to elect a new slate of officers. View images at the links below.

Giving Back to Livingstone
Dr. Hermon Felton on giving to Livingstone College
Dr. Hermon Felton 

LCNAA Update
June 2015
Welcome to the first digital Livingstone College National Association update. The LCNAA update is intended to keep you informed, connected and aware of events and activities of the association, the school and local chapter activities. 

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From the President, Delores Johnson
A Short Q & A with Delores

You were elected LCNAA President at the Annual Spring Meeting. What are your priorities going forward?

President Johnson: 
My top five priorities are 1) to establish standard operating procedures for the LCNAA and the chapters, 2) to improve communications between  the LCNAA and its membership, 3) to increase the number of LCNAA members and the level of activity among them, 4) to develop and implement additional fundraising events and/or opportunities, and 5) to increase the amount of training and support that LCNAA provides to the chapters.

What is your vision for the association?

President Johnson: My vision for the LCNAA is for it to become a world class alumni association that exists to provide service and funding for the benefit of the students attending Livingstone College while exceeding the expectations of its membership.

What would you like people to know about you?

President Johnson:
 Prior to retirement I had two careers and several part-time jobs and numerous hobbies including sewing, making flowers and doll collecting. After taking early retirement, I became engrossed in tennis. However, no matter what the job or hobby, the one constant activity in my adult life has been and continues to be giving back to Livingstone College in one way or another. My love affair with LC has lasted for 46 years.

Homecoming 2015

Alumni Chapter Presidents
LCNAA Chapter Presidents at the Annual Spring Meeting

LCNAA Washington Chapter News 
Join President Jenkins and over 120 golfers and supporters for a round of golf and other fun activities. The LCNAA Washington Chapter had 72 golfers and over 60 non-golfers make the event a success last year. Registration begins at 7:30 am with a 9 am shotgun start. For more information, contact Barbara or Larry Poe.

The Livingstone Legacy . . .
Rev. Michael McLean
Continue the Vision

Allow me to begin by saying that you are in God's country. For you who don't know, this is were God resides, he visits everywhere else.


I am delighted to welcome you on this auspicious occasion as we assemble together these few days to advance the cause of higher education at Livingstone College. Livingstone College has been a part of my life since the time I was able to comprehend because that's all my father taught us. Some of you may have known him, the Rev. Edward C. 

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National Champion Quanera Hayes