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September 5, 2022
Facilitator list:

Sept - Nancy
Oct - Lesley
Nov - Mary
Dec - Percy
Jan - Elizabeth
Feb - Annette
Monthly meeting
September 14, 2022
11 am ET / 10 am CT

  • check in with your "mission statement"
  • round table - with any "case study" you have (see #4 below)
  • Plan for Oct

Zoom link (password 5)
Join us to share information and encouragement. Also, bring your challenges for problem solving.
Sent in an email on Aug. 30:

I’m going to be sending the standard “September update” on the 5th but there were some items from the August meeting that I wanted to share sooner.

1. I would like to speak with each of you individually as a check-in. I have a short list of questions that will guide our conversation and will help me know how I and the LCP cohort meetings can support you. I will start calling you each soon. If you are ready before I call you, you are welcome give a call at at time. My life is pretty empty for the next couple of weeks and I have a lot of availability. 
(My calendly is probably not correct…so just give a call. :) )

2. For the September cohort meeting - revisit your mission statement. During our training, we each created a mission statement. Please bring that with you. We’ll do intros with that information.

3. Revisit your bio on the website. At the August cohort meeting it was agreed that each of the coach bios should be freshened and updated based on their experience. Please send that to me when you have completed it.

4. Future LCP cohort meetings. The group that met in August is interested to hear from ALL of the coaches about how the cohort meetings could be helpful. Those who gathered have a strong interest in using the time together as a “round table” of sharing experiences and asking for additional thoughts. "I was stuck in this moment…” or “I didn’t know which question to ask next…” or “which of the tools that we learned might have worked in this case…” or “How else could I have…?”

There was a conversation about marketing - individual and cohort pieces. If you want to be part of the marketing team, please let me know.

5. Diocesan Convention - if you are going to your convention - WEAR YOUR BUTTON! If you don’t have one, contact Percy and she will send you one. Create a "business card” to pass out or print some of the handouts that Pam created. In the dropbox - under “advertising” - you’ll want to edit to add your information. 

6. Dropbox. Remember that the dropbox has a ton of useful information in it. It has the copies of agreements, the information about how to apply for ICF certification, and the roster of our LCP cohort so that you can reach out to swap coaching. (Please remember to not delete the files that are there. You can add your edited items to share with others…but don’t delete out the items that are in there.) You should all have access to it. Let me know if you can’t get in.


7. Swap coaching. One of the reasons that we are a cohort and not just individual coaches is so that we can build stronger together. The hope is that we each know each other’s strengths and focus in coaching to help leaders across the province meet the best match of a coach. 

8. Check out this video!!!!!
Let me know what you think - and if making one for the LCP would be a good use of resources. 

Looking forward to talking to you soon!
Webpages to bookmark
For Coaches - all of the information that you need and forms for the reports that you need to file.
For Coachees - biographies for coaches and information that you can share with potential coachees.
Remember to send referrals on to other cohort members! Let's work together to show how coaching can impact the church in positive ways!