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February 11 - 16, 2019
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This Week In History
February 11 - In 1945, President Roosevelt, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and Soviet leader Josef Stalin signed the Yalta Agreement during World War II.

February 12 - In 1999, the Senate acquitted President Bill Clinton on two articles of impeachment, falling short of a majority vote on either of the charges against him: perjury and obstruction of justice.
February 13 - In 1990, an agreement was reached on a two-stage plan to reunite Germany.
February 14 - In 1929, the St. Valentine's Day Massacre took place in a Chicago garage as seven rivals of Al Capone's gang were gunned down.
February 15 - In 1898, the U.S. battleship Maine blew up in Havana Harbor, killing 260 crew members and escalating tensions with Spain.
February 16 - In 1923, the burial chamber of King Tutankhamen's recently unearthed tomb was unsealed in Egypt.
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by Charles F. Stanley

The word "love" has many meanings, from trivial pleasures to romantic feelings, but to understand what love truly is, we must understand how God defines it.
by Julie Hildebrand

God is the author and creator of love. Because He first loved us, we can love Him and love others. 
by Tim Tebow

A simple verse led to millions of people hearing about God's love. The amazing result of a small act of courage was no coincidence.
A Moment In Scripture

Psalm 27:14 (CSB)

" Wait for the Lord; be strong, and let your heart be courageous. Wait for the Lord."
Focus on the Family's
Plugged In Movie Review:

Around Valentine's Day, love is on the minds of many people. Love is often expressed through a card or chocolates, or maybe even a piece of jewelry, but as Christians, we know there is more to the word "love" than what is thrown around in mid-February. God's great love for us is beyond our comprehension and was expressed through His sacrifice on the cross. God's love opened the door for us to know Him personally and to share that love with others.


Dave Rhenow

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