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Easter Blessings

 Being deeply rooted in the love of God, we cannot help but invite people to love one another. When people realize that we have no hidden agendas or unspoken intentions, that we are not trying to gain any profit for ourselves, and that our only desire is for peace and reconciliation, they may find the inner freedom and courage to leave their grudges at the door and enter into conversation with their enemies. Many times this happens even without our planning. Our ministry of reconciliation most often takes place when we ourselves are least aware of it. Our simple, nonjudgmental presence does it.”
-- A Safe Place, Henri Nouwen
During this Holy Week and Easter season, I am reminded of the redemptive cycle of pain, death and new life. That cycle brought hope and promise to our world through God's intervention through His Son. That is also a cycle experienced by our clients as their issues and struggles lead to pain and loss – and then eventually to hope and new life possibilities. Thank you for the partnership of so many of you who support this ministry and the work of our clients. Blessings to you on your new life celebrations. 

Rev. Dr. Rick Armstrong
LCS Executive Director
New Fort Myers Satellite Office

In partnership with Peace Lutheran Church, LCS has extended its services to Southwest Florida. Johanna Kiefner, LCSW, is now seeing clients at 15840 McGregor Blvd, Fort Myers. If you know someone who is in need of mental health support in the Fort Myers area, please call LCS, 407-644-4692, for additional information or to book an appointment.
Lutheran Counseling Services of Southwest Florida Steering Committee
2018 Grants
LCS recently received two grants to support our work in the community, and we are so appreciative!

The Chelsey G. Magruder Foundation Inc . - $10,000

Ferdinand And Anna Duda Foundation, Inc. - $10,000
Hearts For Families
Join us in our passion for strengthening families in our community by making a donation to our Hearts For Families Fund .

Every dollar goes directly to support counseling for families in Central Florida. If we all put our hearts together, imagine the impact we can have! GivetoHFF
407.644.4692 .