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"Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives.
Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid."

Those words have often been a comfort to me but at times they have been a mystery to me. My mind asks the question, "how can I have peace when my heart is troubled?" And when my heart is troubled fear sets in. These days have been days of mysteries and troubled hearts, confusion, fear and more. I'm glad God provided peace for us in His Son. I'm glad that peace is offered and given to us by our God and it's God's peace not the peace of the world that too often is limited and conditional. It seems here that God's peace is given to help with troubled hearts and fear. Again that comforts me, but again it can be a mystery in times like these. I pray for God's peace for you and our city and those who grieve. I pray for peace that heals...

Rev. Dr. Rick Armstrong
LCS Executive Director 

Father Hunger
                                         Dr. Richard W. Horn, D. Min.
Some reflections during this month of celebrating fathers...
"As a father shows compassion to his children, so the Lord shows compassion to those who fear him." Psalm 103:13
It has always struck me as strange that we should "fear" God. In this case, I believe the meaning is not "fear" as we think of it, but rather that we should recognize and respect how awesome God is. The Hebrew word "pachad" is defined as respect or awesomeness. We were created in God's image. God surely has both male and female qualities, but we generally conceive of God as father.
Children should be able to look to their human fathers in a similar way. Most recognize and respect their father's power and awesomeness. Fathers are large, from the perspective of a child. Imagine being a child, holding an adult's hand and looking up to their face. How large and frightening they can be to a small child. Yes, children can be a little afraid of their fathers, but respect is the goal - not fear.
It is quite common today that children grow up with a single parent or in a blended family. There are fewer nuclear families than fifty years ago. An interesting Oxford University research project found that it doesn't really matter where a father lives. What matters is positive involvement with his children. The same study found that boys who are involved with caring, loving fathers have far fewer encounters with the police, develop a more positive identity, have more self-esteem and learn to be far more aware of their feelings and emotions.
Also interesting is that the father image for a child doesn't need to be the biological father but could be a step-father, uncle, grandfather, good friend, big brother, as long as these men are emotionally involved in a positive way. Boys may benefit the most by having a "strong" father or father image, but girls benefit as well. Girls who grow up without a consistent and secure relationship with their father or a father substitute have been found to have far more serious emotional problems. Boys and girls raised with an involved father also develop better language skills, excel more often in school and have fewer problems in general.
Being an involved parent is the goal. According to one study, the average parent spends less than twelve minutes of quality time with their children each day. Reading a book to children, tucking them into bed at night, asking them about the best thing that happened to them during the day are just a few ways to be involved.
Many children don't have nurturing and positive connection from their father. These children often develop what we refer to as "Father Hunger". They feel an emptiness, a void. My experience as a therapist confirms that many adults also suffer from "Father Hunger" due to having "lost" their father to death, divorce, military service, abandonment, or a simple lack of satisfactory involvement.
Some studies show that contemporary fathers are far more involved with their children than their counterparts in past decades. This could be the result of a number of factors e.g., two income households, sharing of parental responsibility, and increase of stay-at-home dads. If true, this is an important improvement and should be every father's goal. What a tough but worthwhile challenge!

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LCS in the Community

- Megan Miessler, School Counseling Ministry Program Director, along with interns, Sharon Darin and Liz Yantorni, finished year #3 of our School Counseling Program.  This program will be expanding from 5 to 6 schools for the next school year.  
- We said goodbye to Liz Yantorni, who served as a intern for us this past year on May 31st. She worked at Holy Cross Academy and with clients at the Plymouth.  Thank you for all you did this past year.
- Angie Majors and Megan Miessler will be leading various at the Plymouth throughout the summer.
- Dr. Armstrong served as a guest preacher at Trinity Lutheran Church in downtown Orlando on May 8.  and will be serving as guest preacher at Bethel Lutheran Church in Clearwater on Sunday, June 19.
- Mary Jo Hoard, Megan Miessler, and Dr. Armstrong were present at the Prayer Vigil at Trinity Lutheran in Downtown Orlando for conversations about the events in Orlando.
- Dr. Armstrong will be presenting at the LCMS Missionary Orientation in St. Louis from June 21- June 23.
FORGIVEN: A Walk to Save
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On Saturday, September 24, LCS will be hosting a walkathon to bring awareness and support to mental health and suicide prevention. It will take place on the campus of UCF starting at Memory Mall at 8am.  Registration is now open! For more information or to sign up a team, please visit the page below.

We find Hannah in the Old Testament. She was unable to have children and cried bitterly in prayer to God, promising Him that if He would only give her a child, she would dedicate him in service (as a priest) to God. God heard her prayer and she became the mother of Samuel-who became a servant of God as she promised-as well as five other children. (1 Samuel Chapters 1-2)

The Valley
As Hannah wept bitterly
at her apparent fate,
so I do the same as I sit and wait.
How many times
has my heart broken apart?
My life lays shattered,
I know not where to start.
That which I worked for
through long nights, tears, and time;
that goal which I accomplished
and claimed as fully mine.
With one fateful step
it was ripped from my hands;
I've been forced to surrender
every dream, every plan.
Our plans are not His-
this I have been told-
but oh, such knowledge would be
more precious than gold.
To know the "why?"-
the reason behind these trials-
to see what waits beyond
this dark Valley which
drags on for miles and miles.
No, no knowledge of this world
will ever plainly show
that which I must learn
by clinging to faith alone.
The kind of faith that Hannah had
when she promised her firstborn
would live to serve the Lord;
the kind of faith that sustains me
when I am weary and worn.
By: Emily I. Painter
Copyright 2016

To read more from Emily check our her blog:
Twitter and Instagram: @emilyspeaks30

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