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October 20|BOD Mtg., 6:00 p.m.
October 21|Chess Club
October 21|Liberty T-Shirt Day
October 21|End of 1st. Quarter
October 24|Public Information Night, 6:30 p.m.
October 27|Deadline to submit pictures of service men and women.
October 28|No School, Parent Teacher Conferences.
October 31|Character Assembly- Responsibility.  
October 31-Nov. 4th|Liberty's Annual Canned Food Drive
November 1|Liberty Lecture Series, 6:30 p.m., LCHS
November 6|Daylight Savings Time Ends, set clocks ahead one hour.
November 18|Hearing/Vision Screening

November 4|LCS
Students may wear non-
dress code clothes for pictures, but must bring code clothes to change into after pictures are taken.  

Internet-Safety Night Canceled.
The Internet-Safety Night scheduled for tonight at LCHS  has been canceled.   

Lice season is upon us.
Parents, please encourage your students to avoid contact with one another's heads, and anything that might touch another student's head (hats, brushes, helmets, pillows, etc) as this is how lice are spread.  Additionally, if you know that your student has contracted lice, please let the health office know so we can help insure that proper treatment measures are being taken, and lice are not spreading to other students.

Natalie Dybzinski, RN, BSN
School Nurse Consultant
Liberty Common School
Liberty Lecture Open To All

The first Liberty Lecture of the 2016-2017 school year is right around the corner! Tuesday, November 1, 6:30 PM at LCHS. We are fortunate to have Colorado State University professor, Dr. Indrajit Ray, deliver a Liberty Lecture on computer security and privacy.  Dr. Ray is a renowned expert in this field, earning his PhD. in Information Technology from George Mason University his B.E. in Computer Science and Engineering from Bengal Engineering College in India.  Dr. Ray has done research for the U.S. National Science Foundation, the Air Force Office of Scientific Research, and the Federal Aviation Administration among other renowned organizations.  He will present information to the Liberty Common family, as well as the greater community, critical to maximizing safety while capitalizing on what the Internet has to offer.
Attention Parents,
We have made a date change to the 5th and 6th grade Dessert Theater.  The original date was May 5th and 6th and we have changed it to April 28th and 29th.  CLICK HERE for updated calendars
Major Dates
2016-17 Calendar
  • Parent/Teacher Conferences-Oct. 28
  • Thanksgiving-Nov. 23-25
  • Winter Break-Dec. 26-Jan. 6
  • Martin Luther King Day-Jan. 16
  • Professional Development Day-Feb. 17
  • Presidents'Day-Feb. 20
  • Spring Break-March 13-17
  • Good Friday-April 14
  • Last Day of Classes-1/2/Day May 26
Board of Directors  
You may contact all members of our Board of Directors at or by telephone:
  • Patrick Albright: 232-8257
  • Joel Goeltl: 593-8556
  • Paulette Hansen: 282-8455
  • Denise Benz: 420-4184
  • Aislinn Kottwitz: 217-5925
  • Kelly Notarfrancesco:


  • Jeff Webb: 545-9636
Next Board of Directors Mtg., 
October 20, 2016,  
Liberty Common Elementary 
6:00 p.m.  
In an effort to keep students safe during drop-off and pick-up times, please refrain from using cell phones. The front, middle and back drop-off and pick-up areas are designated NO CELL PHONE AREAS. 
The Eagles Nest


October 17, 2016 
Issue 8 
Volume 20 
Math Fact With-it-ness
By Casey Churchill, LCS Principal
When observing our teachers, I will sometimes discuss with them my observation of good "withitness". I describe this quality as a teacher that can manage multiple things all at once. They are able to keep various balls up in the air while maintaining continuity of instruction. I will tell them, it is like driving your car, while eating a burrito, and putting on eye liner. Yes, I have seen this.
When we first learned to drive a car, we had to focus on everything. Hands need to be at 2 and 10, put car in gear, lightly push on the accelerator, etc. With hours and hours of practice, all of these steps became second nature. These cumbersome tasks became easy as we became expert drivers. Now that we are all pros at this skill, little energy is exerted to drive a car. So little, we day dream or think about our day. Our goal here at Liberty is to do the same with math facts for our children.
Math fact automaticity isthe ability to immediately recognize addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of numbers 0 through 12. Automaticity allows students to focus their mental energies on the demands of more difficult math concepts. Just as a student cannot appreciate great works of literature if she is consumed with phonetically "sounding out" the words on the page, a student cannot fully grasp complex mathematical concepts if his/her mind is consumed with the simple arithmetic involved. In addition (no pun intended), math fact automaticity saves students from frustration and simple errors as math concepts become more challenging. As a former 6th grade teacher, I know this all too well.
Just as we have curriculum maps outlining content taught throughout the year, we also have speed goals for math facts. These are established for all grades at Liberty Common Elementary to help students develop math fact automaticity. Teachers have target goals for each grade level ensuring students are prepared to move on to the next grade level. Below are Liberty's math fact speed goals.
NOTE: FPM = Facts Per Minute
Not Tested
Not Tested
Not Tested
Not Tested
Not Timed to 9+9
Not Timed to 18-9
Not Tested
Not Tested
20 FPM to 9+9
20 FPM to 18-9
15 FPM 0,1,2,3,4,5,10's (second semester)
Not Tested
20 FPM to 9+9
20 FPM to 18-9
15 FPM to 9 ´ 9
15 FPM to 81 ¸ 9
25 FPM to 10+10
25 FPM to 18-9
20 FPM to 12 ´ 12
18 FPM to 144 ¸ 12
30 FPM to 10+10
30 FPM to 20-10
25 FPM to 12 ´ 12
25 FPM to 144 ¸ 12
35 FPM to 12+12
35 FPM to 20-10
35 FPM to 12 ´ 12
35 FPM to 144 ¸ 12
* 1st Grade tests are limited to 15 min. and number lines are not available during the second semester
Becoming fluent with math facts takes practice! Just as good readers become better by reading, good mathematicians become better by doing more math. Below are some recommended websites to aid in your efforts to support math fact automaticity at home.
Another great idea is to search the many free math fact phone apps. Having students practice on your phone will allow students to practice in the grocery store or in the car. Your children will never be bored in the car again. Math facts are practiced in class, but your child's continued practice at home will increase your child's success in math! Thank you for your support at home in helping our students become expert mathematicians.

Volunteers Needed for Vision and Hearing Screening, Nov. 18th. 

We are getting ready for our annual Vision and Hearing Screenings and are looking for 12 Volunteers for Friday, November 18th.  The time will be from 7:45 am to approximately 1:15 pm.  Experience is appreciated but not required.  It is important to have volunteers that are available for the  ENTIRE  event so that the screenings go smoothly. Snacks will be provided for our wonderful volunteers.Please sign-up by CLICKING HERE if you are interested in volunteering.

Thank you,
Natalie Dybzinski, RN, BSN
School Nurse Consultant
Liberty Common School
Jen Hopkins, LCS Health Tech.
Honor Our Service Men and Women
Every November, for Veterans Day, we like to honor our men and women veterans and those that are currently serving our country with a display of thanks.  To make our bulletin board a great presentation of respect and appreciation, we are needing pictures of our soldiers, seamen and airmen.  Please bring any photos of service men or women to the office or email to Jill Ronen, jronen@libertycommon.orgPlease include their name, where they served or are currently serving and their relation to our Liberty Common student(s).   Photos will only be accepted until October 27th., and will be returned.  Thank you for participating in this Liberty tradition.  

Be A Part of Gala Fundraiser
Look for the Pink Bag Signs
Pink Bags are back!  This is an easy way to help the school on your own schedule!  The Gala is Liberty's annual fundraising social event.  The event has grown into a fun evening that hosts about 500 guests and we've started to prepare for the big night. Many hands make light work, so if you have the opportunity to complete a simple project at home, come get a pink bag in the front office today.  We've filled the bags with all the materials you'll need to complete the project, an instruction sheet, and an example of a finished piece.  The projects are simple and can be done in a few minutes on your own schedule.  When you've finished the project, just put it back in the pink bag and bring it back to the school.

Thank you, in advance, for your help!


Sports News by Dan Knab, Liberty Common Athletic Director

This years Colorado state tennis champion is a Liberty Common High School freshman!  Congratulations to Akhil Gupta for his 1st place finish at the state tennis tournament last weekend. Read about his undefeated run in the Coloradoan HERE. His brother, Arjun Gupta, and Evan Diehl also had great performances in the state tournament. Here is a picture of Akhil celebrating.

The jr.-high boys soccer team took third place in the Northern Plains League when they beat Estes Park, 4-1. Great finish.

New Coaches
7th Grade Boys Basketball: Matt Siemens -
8th Grade Boys Basketball: Dakota Arend -
7th Grade Girls Basketball: Emily Ronen -
Jr.-High Girls Soccer: Dan Choi -
HS Men's Baseball: Ron Frasco -
Feel free to email any of them if you have questions regarding their sport.

Easy Ways To Show Your Support  

Liberty Chessmates Shine
Chessmates had their first individual chess tournament on October 8th. Liberty chess players were among 155 other students from around the area.  

The following students represented Liberty in grand fashion. 
3rd grade- 1st place: Julia Yalin, 3rd place: David Bush
3rd grade- Honorable Mention: Caleb Dean
First timers tournament K-2 grade, tied for 1st: Lauren Yalin
First timers tournament K-2 grade, 4th place: Carter Gillespie

High School Fall Musical 2016 Theater
Production, "Guys and Dolls"

ickets are now on sale for the Fall Music Theatre Production, "Guys and Dolls!"

Show times are:
Friday, November 11, at 7 p.m.
Saturday, November 12, at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. at LCS.

Tickets are $10 for general admission and $5.00 for students and LCS/LCHS Faculty. To purchase tickets, CLICK HERE:
Guys and Doll is presented through special arrangement with Music Theatre International (MTI). All authorized performance materials are also supplied by MTI .