For Immediate Release | February 09, 2023
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AcQueena Grant
Director of Communications, LCTCS
LCTCS President Dr. Monty Sullivan Testifies in Front of Congressional Committee
WASHINGTON, DC - Wednesday, LCTCS President Dr. Monty Sullivan testified in front of the United States House Committee on Education and the Workforce in Washington D.C.

"Students need the shortest and least expensive pathways to employment with opportunities for advancement throughout their lives," Dr. Sullivan said in his testimony. "In the last three years, our community colleges in Louisiana have served over 15,000 students who graduated in short-term workforce programs. Students who completed these programs have strong job placement rates above 90% and have a demonstrated wage improvement at well over 20% from the prior year."

In his testimony, Dr. Sullivan drew attention to the ever-increasing skill requirements in the workforce today and the 11 Million unfilled jobs. At the same time, there are people sitting on the sidelines who want to work, but have not attained the skills necessary to fill these jobs. With this perspective, Dr. Sullivan presented a series of recommendations to the committee on how to address this concern:

  1. Expand Pell Grants to cover short-term workforce programs,
  2. Update and improve the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA),
  3. Establish a "no wrong door" approach to education and workforce attainment, and
  4. Developing America's talent is the responsibility of the education system but also business partners.

"Imagine an America where every single household has at least one college certification or industry-based credential supporting that household," said Dr. Sullivan. "Together, we can get there."

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