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LCUL's 2019 Education Starts Strong with CUs on the Grow: Create Preference, Deliver Excellence, Sustain Relevance
Do you want to know the secret of how growth-focused credit unions of all sizes are building wallet share, creating mind share, and market share? LCUL is bringing in Jeff Rendel to share with us how the most successful credit unions are not only getting it done but moving forward toward even more.

Hearing success stories are helpful, but we know that what you really want is know how to apply those concepts at your own credit union. That's why Jeff designed this program with multiple workshop opportunities. Throughout the program, you'll immediately collaborate with your peers to turn concept into implementable action plans. 

Growth cannot be achieved by focusing on just one area of a credit union. It's a juggling act involving sales, service, business development, marketing, full staff buy-in and more. This program looks at all those elements by approaching them as external and internal elements at your credit union.  
On day 1, Jeff will focus heavily on member facing elements:
  • Building a Culture Focused on Growth
  • Member Expectations
  • Retail Sales and Service
  • High Level Business Development (Sales) Skills
  • Creating Personal Experiences that Drive Satisfaction
  • Measures of Success in Sales & Service
On day 2, the focus shifts to internal elements:
  • Strategic Marketing, Engagement & Leadership
  • Using Data in Campaigns & Analysis
  • Journey Mapping & Experience Design
  • Member Feedback: Getting it and how to use it.
  • Developing Engagement Programs that build loyalty
  • Gaining Buy In from All Departments
  • Building Mind Share, Market Share, Wallet Share
Are You a Leader in Financial Literacy?
The day-to-day stress of poor financial habits can be tremendous and the impact on a member's long-term financial future may be even more devastating.  Credit unions recognize that members sometimes lack the skills required to create a sound financial future, particularly when they're burdened by debt.

The goal of the
Financial Counseling Certification Program (FiCEP) is to train credit union staff to identify and help members in need of these skills while providing objective insights and information members can use to gain the power to change their financial future.
All credit unions embrace the mission of helping members to make wise financial decisions. Through the FiCEP program, your credit union can stand out among financial institutions as a trusted resource for financial counseling. This program is also a great way to build solid partnerships with other community resources. Credit unions that have implemented the FiCEP program have experienced a reduction in charge-offs, member bankruptcies, repossessions, an increase in the number of accounts that enter a paid-off status, an increase in loans, and benefited from a heightened value and loyalty from members.
Credit union staff wanting to work towards the Certified Credit Union Financial Counselor (CCUFC) designation should register today for the 2019 FiCEP training. The registration deadline is December 14, 2018.

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December's 'Pre-Fab Marketing Toolkit' Focuses on #CreditScores
LCUL recently distributed December's 'Pre-Fab Marketing Toolkit', providing tips to share with your members and media outlets.
Surveys show most Americans aren't checking their credit scores as often as they should. It's not that consumers don't know their scores are important - they're just overwhelmed by the complexity of credit reports. December's Marketing Toolkit provides tips to share with your members via your credit union's communication channels (newsletters, websites, blogs, social media, etc.).  
Distributed the last week of the month, each toolkit includes articles, social media posts, and graphics as well as a template to share with your local media. Additionally, we pull media clippings of Louisiana credit unions in the news to help spark media outreach ideas. Collectively, there was an estimated $1,362,104 in earned media in the month!
To help maximize this resource or to start receiving the monthly toolkit, reach out to Lacey H. Weaver, Senior VP of Member Engagement.
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Regulators Issue Statement to Give FIs Flexibility on BSA Compliance