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Louisiana Recognized Nationally for PAC Fundraising at CUNA GAC
CUNA recognized credit unions around the country for outstanding advocacy and fundraising efforts during the Governmental Affairs Conference (GAC) in Washington, D.C. last week. The Louisiana credit union system was awarded the National Vanguard Award for exceeding its CULAC goal in 2019.

"Now more than ever, the credit union movement depends on legislators' understanding the credit union difference. Legislative bills designed to add taxation or increase regulations are presented to Congress each year, so the work CULAC does is vital. The Vanguard Award shows that Louisiana understands the importance of CULAC and is committed to investing in the future of this industry. I couldn't be prouder to represent such a strong PAC with an even strong grassroots participation. Louisiana credit unions have certainly earned this award as well as the national recognition that comes with it," commented Bob Gallman, LCUL President/CEO.
State GAC Adds Community Development Finance Summit to the Lineup
Hosted by the Louisiana Credit Union League in partnership with the Louisiana Association of Nonprofit Organizations and facilitated by CU Strategic Planning.

Credit unions across the state work with non-profit organizations to increase their impact by lending to consumers to improve their lives. Some non-profits even donate office space for credit union loan officers.

Join us on April 14 during LCUL's Governmental Affairs Conference (GAC) for an interactive conversation with non-profit leaders representing each region of the state. Hear from them directly as to why they are willing to send pipelines of loans to credit unions. Learn what products their clients need and how they are willing to provide financial education, budgeting and intervention to mitigate risk. The panel even includes some organizations that aren't yet working with credit unions that want to work with your credit union.

Register for LCUL's State GAC to learn more about changing lives through partnerships between non-profits agencies and not-for-profit credit unions.
Last Chance: CONNECT with the Solutions to Tomorrow's Challenges
Time is running our to register for CU CONNECT, a one-day event comprised of a vendor marketplace, education breakouts, networking and idea sharing forum. We're back for year two to propel your operations and service success with the latest trends, products, services and strategies.
Breakout sessions touch on some of the most relevant topics facing our industry:
  • Text Messaging for Credit Unions
  • What is Really the Problem? Steps to Solving Employee Issues
  • You Can Keep Wasting Money...or Double the Impact of Your Marketing Spending
  • CECL - What You Actually Need to Know: A Practical Discussion
  • Value driven Retention, Retirement, and Yield
  • Hacking Lessons Learned
LCUL Supportive of Proposed Bills Regarding CU Governance