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The Numbers Are In: Louisiana CUs Give Back More Than $33,000 to Local Businesses During CU Lunch Local
$150,000 Given Back to Local Businesses since Inception

Congratulations and a huge thank you to ALL Louisiana credit unions that participated in our 2019 CU Lunch Local. While totals are still being submitted, we can report that an overwhelming $33,000 was contributed back to local businesses through this effort.

Since LCUL launched CU Lunch Local, Louisiana credit unions have given back more than $150,000 to local businesses.

Special thanks to the following credit unions that have helped make this possible:
  • Access of LA FCU
  • Ascension CU
  • Campus FCU
  • Carter FCU
  • Centric FCU
  • Coast Guard ECU
  • EFCU Financial
  • Engage
  • First Pioneers
  • Jefferson Financial FCU
  • La Capitol FCU
  • Meritus CU
  • Pelican State CU
  • Post Office ECU
  • Rapides General Hospital EFCU
  • Southwest LA CU
  • University of LA FCU
  • Valex FCU
"CU Lunch Local is yet another way that sets us apart from other financial institutions. Showing up at local establishments and supporting their efforts on behalf of the movement may seem small, but it leaves a huge impact. It's not what you spend; it's the fact that we are supporting the communities we serve," commented Lacey H. Weaver, Senior Vice President of Member Engagement.

Again, we thank ALL of the credit unions who participated this year to make it such a huge success. Together, we're truly better when we work together.
LCUL's Enhanced CU Financial Counseling Program: Become Certified in 2020
LCUL is excited to bring back the wildly popular Certified Financial Counselor Program (FiCEP) for the 8th year in a row. The popularity of this program is due to high member demand from you.  Over the past seven years, Louisiana has certified over 400 credit union professionals who have made it a top priority to financially educate their members.

FiCEP is the tool in your arsenal that no credit union should be without. When you transform your staff into certified financial counselors you are helping to guide your members to better financial future. Members in control of their finances become more engaged.

New CEO of Southwest Louisiana CU Chad Miller states, "Putting our staff through the FiCEP program has impacted our membership tremendously. Our latest Credit Score Migration Analysis showed that over 18% of our membership has improved their credit score since their loan originated. I'm confident that this is a direct result of our staff being more confident with their skills based off the education provided through FiCEP."

"With staff using the information they learned through FICEP, we are bringing in new members and developing a closer, more trusting relationship with the current membership," added Lloyd Cockerham, CEO Ascension CU.

Ready to develop a closer, more trusting relationship with your members?  Click here for more information.
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CMG Webinar: Mobile Devices, The Next Frontier for Risk 
The rapid proliferation of mobile devices and their apps has transformed the way we live, communicate, and work. Defending data on devices is challenging with malicious apps and other risks. Join us to discuss the actions that must be part of your overall security strategy to protect your employees - and your credit union - from this growing danger.

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