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Credit Union-Friendly Majority Elected to Serve in 116th Congress
A stronger than expected voter turnout led to a fascinating midterm election yesterday, resulting in a credit union-friendly majority being elected to the 116th Congress. CUNA, leagues, credit unions and members were heavily involved in the election, including support for 388 candidates for the House and Senate.
In Louisiana, all credit union-friendly candidates won their respected elections. Below are the results:
District 1:          
72% Steve Scalise* (R)
16% Tammy Savoie (D)

District 2: 
81% Cedric Richmond* (D)
9%   Jesse Schmidt (I)

District 3:              
56% Clay Higgins* (R)
18% Mimi Methvin (D)

District 4:             
64% Mike Johnson* (R)
34% Ryan Trundle (D)

District 5:             
67% Ralph Abraham* (R)
30% Jesse Fleenor (D)

District 6:             
70% Garret Graves* (R)
21% Justin Dewitt (D)
Although all of the candidates endorsed by the LCUL won their respective elections, our work is only beginning. A new season of advocacy begins now to educate our lawmakers on critical credit union issues.  These include, but are not limited to, maintaining the tax-exempt status, clarity on ADA website compliance, the need for stronger merchant data breach requirements, credit union exemption from rulemaking authority under the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection, and regulatory relief.
LCUL's Enhances CU Financial Counseling Program by Increasing Student Engagement: Become Certified in 2019!
LCUL is excited to bring back the wildly popular Certified Financial Counselor Program (FiCEP) for the 7th year in a row!  The popularity of this program is due to high member demand from you.  Over the past six years, Louisiana has certified over 350 credit union professionals who have made it a top priority to financially educate their members.

Not only are we bringing the program back, but we made it even better. LCUL's very own Susie Fair, Senior VP of Credit Union Support, will serve as the instructor, bringing her passion for financial education initiatives and her creativity for improved student engagement.
FiCEP is the tool in your arsenal that no credit union should be without.  When you transform your staff into certified financial counselors you are helping to guide your members to better financial future.  Members in control of their finances become more engaged.
When asked why it is so important for her to certify members of her staff, Glenda Rushe, CEO of St. Tammany FCU summed it up perfectly:  "It is very important for us to find ways to say YES to our members. Being a Certified Financial Counselor provides another opportunity to say YES."
Ready to learn more how you can start saying YES to your members?
NCUA Awards $2M in Grants; 17 Louisiana CUs Recipients
The NCUA awarded $2 million in grants to 203 low-income credit unions, funding from the agency's Community Development Revolving Loan Fund (CDRLF).  

"These are investments in fundamentals: protecting credit unions and their members, expanding access to affordable financial services, and building human capital," NCUA Board Chairman J. Mark McWatters said. "In particular, helping credit unions detect and defend against cyberattacks is essential to keeping members safe and the financial system secure."

Grant awards ranging from $1,300 to $20,000 were made to credit unions in 42 states and the District of Columbia.  The NCUA made awards in three categories: d igital services and security (141 grants totaling $1,251,670), l eadership development (40 grants totaling $350,760) and u nderserved outreach (22 grants totaling $397,570).
CDRLF grant funding is administered by NCUA's Office of Credit Union Resources and Expansion. Below is a listing of Louisiana credit unions who received grants this round:
Digital Services & Security Grants
  • Access of Louisiana ($10,000)
  • Bayou ($7,500)
  • Carter ($10,000)
  • Coast Guard Employees ($10,000)
  • CSE ($10,000)
  • District 08 ($10,000)
  • Iberville ($7,700)
  • Internal Revenue ($3,500)
  • Sabine School Employees ($3,000)
  • T E A ($4,000)
  • Valex ($10,000)
  • W B R T ($10,000)
Leadership Development Grants
  • CUSA ($10,000)
  • Eagle Louisiana ($1,900)
  • Jefferson Parish Employees ($10,000)
Underserved Outreach Grants
  • Neighbors ($20,000)
  • UNO ($20,000)
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