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Financial Counselors: Prepare to Take Your Next Steps!
Did you know that Louisiana has over 500 certified financial counselors? As impressive as that sounds, we've heard from many of our credit unions that your counseling programs have not fully launched or that they are still in the formative stage.

LCUL is here to help you not only kick start your programs but broaden your counseling capabilities.  We are excited to bring you a NEW dues subsidized, low-cost training day. This one-day workshop is designed for all counselors no matter which program you previously used or how long ago you received your certification.

Together, you will not only network and share best practices, but you'll also:
  • Learn Counseling Conversation Starters to Uncover the Member's True Financial Situation.
  • Role Play Counseling Scenarios in a Safe and Fun Environment
  • Discuss Multiple Types of Counseling Programs (Individual, Group, Preventative, Youth, Retirement & More)
  • Discover the Art of Mind Mapping your Ideas into Reality
  • In groups, Complete Hands-On Mind Maps to Create Immediate Implementable Action Plans
  • Receive printed Budget Worksheets, Spending Plans & Tracking Spreadsheets to Use with Members
We have dedicated two days in two different regions so that you can pick the date/location that works best for you. Divide your staff members between the two dates to maximize networking and the sharing of best practices. Walk away with implementable action plans and printed takeaways all for the dues-subsidized investment of $50 per attendee.

Click here to join us Tuesday, October 29 in Natchitoches, LA or here to join us Thursday, November 7 in Baton Rouge, LA
Louisiana CUs: What's YOUR Story?
It's the age old question: what's the difference between banks and credit unions? Sure, we can share the not-for-profit, cooperative structure, but there is more to it. Your stories illustrate the value credit unions provide and make it clear that credit unions are worth protecting.

LCUL is looking for specific stories that show how you've helped a particular member in a way that no other financial institution would. These stories will be highlighted in a special awareness campaign directed towards Louisiana legislators to demonstrate why credit unions are relevant today. Sharing your stories with lawmakers will influence their decisions that affect your credit union's operations and service.

Email your member story to communications@lcul.com. These stories are critical to the success!
  Amid Threats, Louisiana Announces Cybersecurity Center
The state of Louisiana is establishing a cybersecurity center that will analyze hacking threats and bolster information sharing among state and federal agencies, industry experts and academics in an effort to strengthen computer network security.

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