October 31, 2023

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Pat Smith

LDA President

New CDC Webpage. Help for Patients?

After 39 years as a Lyme educator and advocate, I’ve become immune to the fact that the status quo with Lyme rarely alters, and if it does, it does not often make a dent in the lives of patients. I had hoped that the new webpage placed on the CDC website the last week of October 2023, would change that.

HISTORY OF GOVERNMENT CHRONIC LYME DENIAL The new CDC webpage was not a surprise to me, as I had several discussions with CDC over the past few years about finding compromises in language for the CDC website. The CDC has made changes to its overall website so that it does not appear to openly endorse the IDSA guidelines─ somewhat of a compromise. However, it still uses the recommendations from the IDSA Guidelines on Lyme as its basic treatment plan, just without the use of the IDSA name. It cites peer reviewed publications which support those recommendations. Read more.

Psilocybin Treatment Investigation

Read the report.

OCD & Other Conditions Including Lyme

GlobalData reported 10.28.2023, “Psilocybin by Ceruvia Lifesciences for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: Likelihood of Approval.” Ceruvia Lifesciences focuses on development of neuro-transformational medicines to treat neurological and psychiatric disorders. Psilocybin is a tryptamine alkaloid which is a psychedelic compound that targets 5hydroxytryptamine 1A and 2A. Formulated as a capsule, it is being developed to be administered orally. Read more.

New Understanding of Pathway for Neuro Lyme

Access the study.

Plays Important Role in Blood-Brain Barrier

Infection and Immunity (Alanazi, F., et al.) 10.24.2023 electronically published ahead of print, “The Rrp2-RpoN-RpoS pathway plays an important role in the blood-brain barrier transmigration of the Lyme disease pathogen.” In this study, researchers investigated factors that enable the Lyme pathogen to cross the blood-brain barrier (BBB) and invade the central nervous system (CNS). Read more.

Study: Fiber Implants Inhibit Nerve Pain with Light Pulses

A Tool for Potential Treatments

According to the article “Experimental Fiber Implants Block Nerve Pain with Light” (10.20.23) by Pat Anson for Pain News Network, Massachusetts Institute of Technology researchers have created experimental fiber implants that could possibly be used to inhibit nerve pain by delivering pulses of light from inside the body. Read more.

Read the article.

Interferon-α and Lyme Disease

Read the letter.

European Study Aligns With Prior U.S. Study

Emerging Infectious Diseases (Alaedini, A., et al.) published an early release of an 11.2023 letter to the Editor, “Investigation of Possible Link Between Interferon-α and Lyme Disease.” In this letter, authors highlight the importance of a recent study (Hernandez, S., et al.) which links persistent subjective symptoms with increased interferon (IFN) α levels in blood, following Lyme neuroborreliosis infections in Europe. Read more.

Adults Ages 51-60 Found Most at Risk for Lyme 2018-2022

Key Insights Uncovered

PRNewswire, 10.17.2023, published “Lyme Disease Most Common in the Age Group 51-60 in the Period 2018-2022.” According to a data analysis and infographic released by FAIR Health, more Lyme disease private insurance claim lines were filed for individuals in the 51-60 age group than any other age group between 2018 and 2022. Claim lines were broken down by age groups and shown as percentages, 51-6 (23.5%), 41-50 (18.8%), 31-40 (14.1%), 19-30 (13.9%), 0-18 (11.3%) and over 70 (4.3%). In addition, FAIR Health found that “malaise and fatigue and soft-tissue-related diagnoses” were more common for Lyme patients across all age groups, except those over 80 years of age. Read more.

Read the report.

University of Pitt-Johnstown Developing Tick Repellent

Read the article.

A Collaborative Effort Against Lyme and TBD

The Tribune Democrat, Russ O’Reilly, reported on 10.13.2023, “UPJ scientists win grants to develop new tick repellent.” As reported, researchers will be using $100,000 won through the “Pitt Innovation Challenge” to make a novel and commercially available tick repellent (B.I.T.E.) that works by masking carbon dioxide emitted through human skin so that ticks can not detect these emissions. Research will be conducted by four University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown researchers, and may be the first collaborative project in over 20 years between the biology and chemistry departments. Read more.

FDA Finds No Misconduct Regarding Lyme Vax Trials

Sites Managed by Research Firm, Care Access 

Reuters published an update on Pfizer’s Lyme vaccine trials (10.11.2023), “FDA finds no misconduct at trial sites for Pfizer’s Lyme disease shot, Care Access says.” According to the article, the third party contract research firm, Care Access, has said that the FDA regulator did not find any misconduct at clinical sites managed by Care Access for Pfizer/Valneva’s trial of a Lyme disease vaccine candidate. Read more.

Read the article.

Canada Pharmacists Authorized to Treat Lyme

Press release.

Providing Better Access to Care

According to a New Brunswick, Canada, Department of Health Press Release, 10.3.23, in an effort to lessen the patient burden on emergency rooms, walk-in-clinics, and primary care providers, New Brunswick, Canada, pharmacists are able to assess and prescribe for 12 common ailments including Lyme disease prevention after a high-risk tick bite. Read more.

Attention! Thanks Everyone Involved in the LDA-Columbia

22nd CME Conference Making It A Success


  • LDA-Columbia Lyme & Other Tick-Borne Diseases conference 2023 was a great success. 
  • Excellent speakers & LDA staff
  • Engaged audience with insightful questions that added to the knowledge base.
  • Topics were outstanding according to most attendees reporting in.
  • A number of scholarship recipients attended to add to those indivduals already treating, researching or spreading the word about the seriousness & prevalence of Lyme & TBD. 

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