MAY 2019
In Health Services Research, Norma Coe and colleagues find that dementia's incremental costs to Medicare are significant: $15,700 per patient in the five years following diagnosis. One-Pager
A meta-analysis by Eileen Lake, Kathryn Riman, and colleagues shows that good nurse work environments are consistently associated with better patient, quality, safety, and job outcomes.
Research Snapshot
In a new study, Jay Giri and colleagues find that public reporting of mortality data for percutaneous coronary intervention may affect decisions to perform nonreported, but related, cardiovascular procedures. Blog
A new commentary by Tim Wang, Mark Wolff, and Neeraj Panchal makes the case for changes in policy and dental professional training to meet the oral health needs of the growing U.S. geriatric population. Blog
In a New England Journal of Medicine Perspective, Joshua Liao and colleagues discuss important differences between the new Veterans Affairs Center for Innovation and the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation (CMMI). Blog
Transformative change in quality, access and cost of health care could be achieved through the use of "TurboTax"-like automation, writes David Asch in a New England Journal of Medicine Perspective. Commentary
In a PolicyLab blog post, Brian Jenssen describes how JUUL's past marketing efforts contributed to the dramatic rise in teen e-cigarette use over the last three years, and their new tactics targeting adults. Blog
In an AcademyHealth blog post, Ashley Ritter, Austin Kilaru, and Charlene Wong outline three recommendations for expanding the workforce of clinicians who are also health services researchers. Blog
LDI and Penn Medicine's Institute for Biomedical Informatics hosted a 102-level workshop to make machine learning more accessible to a diverse group of faculty. News
Penn Medicine clinicians and staff "pitched" four high-value care models that would redesign the postpartum experience, improve liver cancer screening, proactively address mental health care, and initiate opioid use disorder treatment in the emergency department. Video
LDI@AcademyHealth 2019

We look forward to seeing colleagues at the upcoming AcademyHealth Annual Research Meeting in Washington, D.C. Penn LDI will be well represented by many Senior and Associate Fellows presenting their work throughout the meeting. Come find us in Booth #213!
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