In Health Affairs, Linda Aiken and colleagues find that patient safety remains a serious concern among patients and nurses, and failure to improve nurse work environments may impede progress on advancing patient safety. Brief
A cost impact study led by Mark Pauly and Mary Naylor shows that the Transitional Care Model, which relies on advanced practice nurses to deliver services from the hospital to home, reduces postacute care use and costs for older adults with cognitive impairment. Brief
In a new NBER working paper, Molly Frean and Mark Pauly find that spending growth was significantly lower in states where privately insured employees have higher deductibles. Frean, a Wharton Health Care Management doctoral student, explores implications of these findings on our blog. Blog
In Health Care Management Review, Lawton R. Burns and Wharton Health Care Management doctoral student Allison Briggs find that most hospitals rely on group purchasing organizations (GPOs) to save money on supply costs. On our blog, Burns puts to rest concerns about GPOs and their impact on price competition and access to medical supplies. Blog
In a recent article, Krisda Chaiyachati and colleagues argue that proposals to cut non-emergency transportation benefits in Medicaid are premature and potentially harmful. They call for data transparency, research, and testing different approaches before states consider dropping the benefit. Blog
With a new $1.84 million grant from the Federal Highway Administration, Kit Delgado and a team from Penn and CHOP will investigate ways to reduce cell phone use while driving, such as redesigning insurance discounts and smartphone-based "nudges". Press Release
In a series of three posts on the Health Affairs blog, Amol Navathe and Joshua Liao look at Medicare's largest physician pay-for-performance program to date - MIPS - and its implications for physician participation, engagement, and reimbursement. Blog Series
A new brief from our partnership with United States of Care explores the concept of affordability, and outlines key issues for policymakers to consider as they try to tackle this pressing problem. It is the first in a series that will examine the cost burden of health care in the United States. Issue Brief | Blog
The tenth annual University of Pennsylvania/Carnegie Mellon University Roybal Behavioral Economics Retreat convened in the Poconos to share ongoing work and latest findings. Photos | Poster Session

Tuesday, December 4 | 3:00pm - 5:00pm
Health Policy and Politics in Turbulent Times
A fireside chat with former Governor of Florida Jeb Bush

Friday, December 7 | 12:00pm - 1:20pm
LDI Health Policy Seminar with David Shulkin, MD
Former Secretary of Veterans Affairs
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