LDI Ranked a Top AGCO Dealer
in North America for 2015
Global manufacturer and distributor of agricultural equipment, AGCO, has announced its best performing dealers for 2015, naming LDI of Hays, top five in overall sales out of all North American dealerships.

The Lang family founded LDI in 1988 and since has led the company to the top ten rankings for the last 16 years, now in fifth place. "Winning this award is a direct result of the continuous hard work carried out by our team in the past year to  improve our relationships with our customers," said LDI President Brian Lang.  "We have a very talented team who continues ...............................
NEW: ISOBUS Liquid Control Module

The application of anhydrous can be a daunting task for some, but it can be made easier by using the Ag Leader ISOBUS Liquid Rate Module. There are many............
Agriculture From A New Perspective!

With the wave taking shape and appearing to grow, amidst many questions,  one thing that is certain is that UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) are finding a place in Agriculture.  Any market .........

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   We understand the importance of customer service, and know that we will only be successful 
    if our customers are successful.  Most companies think they're in retail or manufacturing. 
    We would love nothing more than for our customers to say, "LDI is successful because               
    they understand they are a customer service company, they just also happen to be...............

The RG700 RoGator is a 700 gallon sprayer designed with many of the top-of-mind wishes of today's sprayer customer in mind. While maintaining many of the mainstay durable features that the original RoGator has become known for, the RG700 brings some new abilities as well. The overarching thoughts of the RG series RoGator line which include models ranging in tank size from 700 gallons to 1,300 gallons, revolve around safe, efficient and comfortable operation in the field. At the end of the day, these three items are requirements not optional.

Let's start with some of the things you'd expect from a RoGator:                                  Full Artcile
HeadSight Control Valve

If you are looking for improved header height control on your Gleaner, Massey Ferguson, or Challenger combine, HeadSight has the answer. A simple kit changes the control valve from a "bang bang" valve to a pulse width modulated (PWM) valve. To clarify, the old valve was either open or closed, so the response was slower and the motion was "jerky".

The new valve can feather hydraulic flow, so it is much more responsive and smoother. This kit will also add two control knobs, so the operator will be able to adjust header raise and lower rates from the cab. This upgrade will provide the operator overall better performance on manual and automatic header height 

control. The improved response will provide a better quality of cut on uneven terrain.

In addition this should reduce wear and tear on headers because the header won't be contacting the ground as much. The Gleaner S9 combine, as well as 2012 and newer Massey Ferguson and Challenger combines, have a very similar setup on them, so it is a proven upgrade. This is a standalone system that installs on the combine only; it does not require HeadSight sensors on the header. Contact your local LDI dealer to get this upgrade on your combine before the next harvest season.

 NEW Compact Tractors


   LDI is pleased to annouce five deserving student have been awarded $1,000 scholarships for         the 2015-2106 FFA scholarship year.  As an approved national FFA Scholarship sponsor and 
   in cooperation with AGCO, LDI awarded scholarships to ............................................................  

LDI's "Product of the Month" featured products will be specially chosen to get you and your equipment ready for........
AGCO has developed a new program in which they work with suppliers to pick a product and promote it. The promotion is a special one-time deal where ...........

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When purchased using your
AGCO Plus+ Account. 

Offer valid May 1 -31, 2016.