April 29, 2020
CPP sent out a Law Enforcement Assist bulletin on April 16th
on behalf of the SANCATT team in San Bernardino
who had asked for assistance in locating the
owner of the pump trailer.

The unit was discovered during an investigation and was
not registered nor reported as being stolen.

CPP's request for assistance was sent to our
partners at the California Rental Association (CRA)
who forwarded it to their membership.
A CRA member responded with a tip that
CPP was able to share with SANCATT investigators
that led to locating the owner of the trailer, a CPP member!

A huge THANK YOU to
everyone that made this restitution possible!

This recovery is another great example of what
CPP believes, and strives to prove every day:
Together, We Make A Difference!

Value of Recovery: $7,000
Stay safe,

Melissa Somers
Executive Director
Crime Prevention Program of Southern California
Phone: 562-860-9006
Website: www.cppsocal.org

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