• Worry too much about what other people think? Easily succumb to social pressures? Lacks confidence in the areas where it matters most: relationships with self & others, school, sports, and extracurricular activities?

  • Have a hard time bouncing back from mistakes? Over-think everything or is often too hard on him/herself, i.e.: Before a big test, a class project, a game or within social situations?

  • Follow more than s/he leads? Have an attitude towards you and/or other authority figures? Rebel against rules and direction, but lead the charge when it comes to posting on social media, seemingly caring more about likes and followers than other prudent responsibilities?

  • Or does s/he simply need a space to feel seen and heard?

  • Examine his/her own feelings and emotions to effectively create strategies to become a leader in his/her life, as well as becoming a strong communicator.
  • Build confidence through tools and exercises to help his/her own power and worth.
  • Learn how to embrace self-doubt so s/he can be authentic to themselves in all areas of their life.
  • Imagine big things being possible for him/her — ready to take risks and tackle life’s challenges.
  • Understand limiting beliefs that hold him/her back and implement strategies to propel them into their potential.
  • Develop long-term and short-term strategies for taking care of their own mental health needs.
The amplif[i] Leadership program is a new and exciting endeavor created by the staff at notMYkid, Inc, Girls Mentorship LLC, and brothers, Donny Starkins and Danny Starkins. More on our team below who will lead the group coaching program and offer individual coaching offered to further enhance your teens experience. 
Donny’s journey into Personal Development and Mindfulness began in 2005, after seven operations on his left knee and an addiction to pain killers. Fast forward to today, Donny has many years of sobriety and has become one of the dynamic leaders in his industry. He is a professional speaker, teacher and personal development coach leading classes, workshops, and seminars across the world. In addition, Donny works one-on-one with some of top professional athletes in the world on mindset, life coaching and mindfulness. Donny is also an ambassador for lululemon and works directly on their Mindful Performance Team as both a yoga/meditation teacher and facilitator.  Donny’s purpose is to teach, inspire and empower others to own their greatness and step into their purpose. Donny is committed to living a life of freedom by sharing the message of recovery, yoga and mindfulness the world!
Jill Petersen is an experienced coach and former leader at lululemon for nearly a decade. Her superpower lies within connecting and building trust quickly to overcome self-doubt and help people find their greatness. Jill holds a B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies (Communication) and (Mass Communication) from Arizona State University, as well as receiving a certificate in Mindfulness Leadership. She is Yoga Alliance, 200-hour certified yoga and mindfulness teacher. Jill is the Co-Founder of Girls Mentorship and has experienced firsthand the importance of a mind, body and soul approach to both everyday wellness and the achievement of accomplishing goals. She believes, “Uncommon results begin with an uncommon mindset.” She gets excited about the opportunity to make an impact with girls and help them pair their feelings work for them, not against them.
Mary Frances is an avid community supporter, adult cheerleader, experienced coach and leader. Part of her joy as a mentor is not just being the one who leads, but also having the ability to raise others up in order to live into their own leadership potential. She has a BS from ASU in Exercise and Wellness as well as an MBA in the school of hard knocks. She officially started her entrepreneurship journey as a certified Crossfit L2 coach and gym owner where she worked with hundreds of kids, teens and adults not only teaching them the basics of fitness but also the skills of habit formation, community, mental toughness, personal responsibility, goal setting and leadership. Mary is the Co-Founder of Girls Mentorship and is also a H-O-T leader: Humble, Open, and Transparent sharing about her tumultuous past; dealing with family trauma, abuse, CPS and a broken home all of which has led to a strong desire to want to break the mold and assist others in doing the same.
As a Dean of Students and High School Coach for more than a decade Danny (Coach D) has been practicing mindfulness with all ages of youth using a variety of platforms for their enrichment. Physical and social development through mindfulness activities such as yoga, meditation, sports, symbiotic life cycles, nutrition skills, systems thinking for literacy, and exploration is the variety package Coach D offers to our youth.
Coach D is trained in Fitness Sciences, Culinary Arts, Dietetic Technology, and Language Essentials for Teachers in Reading and Spelling (LETRS) through the Arizona Department of Education. Coach D shares his journey in recovery from addiction to sobriety with the purpose to “prehabilitate” our youth from depression and substance abuse.
Tomas Barraza is a Prevention Specialist with notMYkid working with youth and adults to deliver impactful programs educating and empowering young people to reach their full potential. Tomas has been with notMYkid since 2014 and has since presented over 1,300 speaking engagements, reaching an audience of over 200,000 youth and adults both in the United States and Internationally. Tomas is known for his passion. His enthusiasm for his work comes from his personal struggle with substance use and involvement in the drug trade as an adolescent. He is determined to use his past experiences as a teaching tool for today’s youth. It is that dynamic passion that has made Tomas one of the most prominent youth speakers in Arizona.
Joronda Montaño, a 17-year Prevention veteran who is highly experienced at developing and implementing effective programs to help youth succeed in achieving positive mental and physical health outcomes.
Since 2002, Joronda has worked to reduce youth substance abuse and suicide. If you ask her about her “Why” she will tell you she derives passion from her upbringing and her experience as a student-athlete. She earned her Bachelor’s degree from Arizona State University while competing as an All-American Track and Field athlete. Three years later she finished graduate education at ASU with a Master’s in Public Administration. Joronda values the idea of making a difference in the lives of others and now commits herself to being an adult who supports and inspires youth. 
Taylor Garrey is one of notMYkid’s most sought out Prevention Specialists who travels all throughout Arizona to share his story. Taylor has been fortunate to celebrate over 5 years of continuous sobriety after turning his life around following over a decade of addiction. Taylor has shared his story and skills with over 30,000 students on topics ranging from drug and alcohol addiction, bullying, depression, unhealthy relationships, body image, internet safety and critical life skills training for youth. Taylor also co-facilitates our Project Rewind Program, supporting families through education and early intervention. is greatest satisfaction in life and his constant goal is to share his experience, strength and hope with others and inspire teens to rise above challenges and embrace their “something better” in life.
Over 20 hours of group coaching

Additional support add-ons:
Individual Coaching for Teens- $100 per coaching session.
(A minimum of 4 recommended)

Parent Coaching- $100 per session
(A minimum of 4 recommended)

*Payments options, referral, & sibling discounts available*

Registration will run on a first come, first serve basis. Deadline to sign up is Saturday, October 17th
Email programs@notmykid.org