How do regulations affect business? It’s the singular question that defines our work this summer, on both the state and federal levels. 

Over the coming weeks, Maryland’s rather precisely named Advisory Council on the Impacts of Regulations on Small Businesses will look for guidance on how to change current and future regulations to reduce burden on small businesses. Its leadership has asked for our help. We will be reaching out to some of you directly to ask for input. In the meantime, if you are a small business owner or operator with a perspective to share,  please contact us.  Tell us the impacts of existing regulation, your concerns and predictions about what proposed additional regulations will do, or your experience with similar regulations either in Maryland or elsewhere. It is especially helpful to share the effects on your staff, expenses, administrative burden, competitiveness, or plans to expand.

We are also working with our partners across the state and across the country on federal matters. Some deal with how states handle paid leave and restrictive scheduling issues. This federal-level conversation sheds light on the potential for these regulations and mandates in our state and on our competitiveness with other states. In addition, tax code changes and possible trade agreement changes are on the table. We are also discussing the federal actions on health care – which have a pronounced potential impact on our state. These discussions will continue.  Please help us be the leading voice for business in Maryland  by sharing your business concerns on these matters.

Our job is to advocate for you, but you can amplify our voices when you know how to advocate for yourself, as well. Join us for our  Business Policy & Competitiveness Conference  September 28-29 in Cambridge, Maryland. You’ll be part of discussions on business in the age of cyber security, working within the state’s discrimination laws, impacts and actions of mandatory paid leave, and a special grassroots advocacy session that will teach you how to be a more effective voice.  Register for the conference  now, or  sign up to be an exhibitor  at an event where hundreds of business leaders can see what you can do for them.

We hope you’re keeping cool. As always,  talk with us  if there is anything we can do for you.

Fun is par for the course 6th Annual Maryland Chamber Cup.


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Anybody who’s tried to grow anything knows you need the right nutrients to keep a plant healthy – and that, sometimes, too much of a good thing turns bad.

Perdue Farms, a leader in chicken, turkey and pork processing, has been addressing the environmental challenge of nutrient and water management through Perdue AgriRecycle, the first large-scale poultry litter recycling plant.

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