Which regulations hurt your
bottom line ?

December 2017 is the reporting deadline for an advisory council created to study ways to advance Maryland’s economic development and business climate, and  we need your input . The council reviews existing statutes and regulations, and submits comments on pending regulations. The Maryland Chamber of Commerce is working with that council to discuss threats to small business success and growth.

The General Assembly created the advisory council in 2016 to further the work of the Augustine Commission. With the Chamber’s support, many of the bills that came out of the commission’s 14 final recommendations became law. The Job Creation Tax Credit - Alteration bill and the decreased annual interest rate for tax deficiencies and refunds are two examples.

Share the impacts of regulations with us  so we can make an impact on the council’s recommendations. While you’re at it,  take our critical mandated employee benefits survey  so we can be armed with real data when we stand for Maryland business in the 2018 session.

Speaking of regulations: You are invited to join our Energy and Environment Committee in its meeting with Maryland Department of the Environment Secretary Ben Grumbles on Nov. 2 at MDE headquarters in Baltimore. It’s a great time to hear from Sec. Grumbles and his senior leadership team about the issues that most affect you. From water to land use to air quality and more, find out what the department is doing as we gear up for the 2018 General Assembly. 

Obviously, that meeting has a lot to do with the environment. MDCC is updating its Green Registry profile, and  so should you . The voluntary program offers businesses best practices and resources to reduce your environmental impact and save money. The program has saved businesses hundreds of millions of dollars over its lifespan.

As always, don’t hesitate to  tell us if there’s anything we can do  to help you be heard in Annapolis.
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Having trouble finding skilled employees? EARN it.
In a climate that’s all about having an edge, how do you get competitors to work together toward a greater good?

When the greater good is better employee training, it’s not a hard sell. That’s the premise behind the  EARN Maryland Initiative .

This month the Maryland Chamber of Commerce focuses on the  EDUCATION . Follow along as we highlight aspects of education in Maryland !

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