Time to get stronger.

The kids are back to school , the summer is officially over, and legislators are ramping up for the 2018 General Assembly . Already, HB 1-supporting lawmakers are working to override Gov. Larry Hogan’s veto of that bill. Already, work is moving forward on a mandatory $15 minimum wage. Already, supporters are pushing for restrictive scheduling.

There are two powerful and effective ways to convince influencers and lawmakers on a position: evidence and anecdotes .

Evidence comes in data. It’s vitally important that you take our  Mandated Employee Benefits Survey  so we have hard data to fight job-killing legislation in the upcoming session. The survey is short, but it will make a huge difference in our conversations, meetings and testimony.  Please take it today.  Last year, this information was critical in our testimony against minimum wage increases and mandatory paid leave. This year, the questions are different. Your responses are anonymous unless you provide your information so we can contact you about testimony.

Anecdotes come when you  tell us about how proposed measures will affect you , or testify on a bill. 

When you’re finished with the survey, remember to  register for our Business Policy and Competitiveness Conference , Sept. 28-29 in Cambridge. We have lined up a very impressive stable of expert panelists to help you understand how policy is made and strengthen your own organization’s advocacy efforts. 

Returning to that “ back to school ” theme for a moment: All month in The Leading Voice and on our social media platforms, we’re talking about #MDCCEducation. We wanted to share with you a recent white paper by the National Governors Association, “ How Maryland Policymakers are Working Together to Improve School Principal Quality .”  

Across the nation, states are recognizing the influence of school principals. Aside from their extraordinary impact on a school’s direction and climate for staff and students, they are key resources for legislators and policymakers who need to know the state of education on the ground. Maryland has become the leader of the pack with its principal talent development program , preparing 50 promising educators annually to lead schools across all 24 districts. One the highlights of this program is pairing program participants with veteran principals for mentorship and training.  

Together with you , the Chamber supports multiple legislative initiatives on apprenticeship training, vocational/non-degree grants, and adult high school programs. We know that, if we want to help students, we must also help teachers and administrators.

We will work to support this principal program as part of the Chamber’s education and talent pipeline priorities.

As always, thank you for being such a critical part of making business better in Maryland. Don’t forget to   tell us how we can help you .
Honing diversity through authentic research experiences
Now that students are back to school, professors are already anxious. Will the students learn what the professors hope to teach?
Laura Gough, professor and department chair at Towson University, said she smiled to herself last term as she read the feedback every professor hopes to receive. An undergraduate of TU’s Fisher College of Science and Mathematics had written, “Now I have all these skills and I’m ready to seek a job in the bio-tech industry.”

This month the Maryland Chamber of Commerce focuses on the  EDUCATION . Follow along as we highlight aspects of education in Maryland !

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Statewide stories of substance
Maryland on Amazon's search for HQ2
From the Baltimore Sun
Last week, Seattle-based e-commerce giant Amazon announced a search for a U.S. site for its second headquarters, HQ2. With the prospect of 50,000 new jobs at stake, Baltimore quickly threw its hat into the ring.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos stated in a news release that the company expects “HQ2 to be a full equal” to their Seattle headquarters. That means billions of dollars in investments and tens of thousands of high-paying jobs.

Maryland businesses giving back
FirstEnergy sparks interest, educates, and employs
Whether it’s a beautiful September day or the aftermath of a hurricane, electrical lineworkers are prepared to maintain the 300-foot high power lines that keep Maryland charged.
As many power companies struggle with the challenge of maintaining the next generation of these vital jobs, FirstEnergy is working towards a solution.

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and opening remarks from Lt. Gov. Boyd Rutherford
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