March 30, 
Hello ELK Families!
LEAF: Learning Environmental Activities for Families. These programs welcome family members of all ages. We send out this family-oriented newsletter, full of community events, upcoming ELK programs, community resources, college prep tips for parents, and more! / 
Estos programas son para todas las edades. Enviamos este boletín orientado a las familias, lleno de eventos de la comunidad, próximos programas de ELK, recursos de la comunidad, consejos de preparación para la universidad para los padres, y mucho más!
Newsletter Contents
ELK Weekly Nature Challenge/ Reto De La Semana

Each week ELK will have a " Weekly Nature Challenge" in this LEAF Newsletter.  These challenges are designed to encourage you and your family to safely and responsibly, get outside and learn about nature! To participate, you must submit a photo of you completing the weekly challenge on our designated FB post for that week's ch allenge. ALL PARTICIPANTS WILL BE ENTERED INTO A WEEKLY DRAWING WITH A CHANCE TO WIN A $10 GIFT CARD! Now that you have the deets, here's our SECOND challenge:

Cada semana ELK tendrá un "Reto de la Semana". ¡Estos retos son para usted y a su familia para salir y aprender sobre la naturaleza! Para participar, debe enviar una foto de usted acompletando el reto en la página de Facebook de ELK. ¡TODOS LOS PARTICIPANTES SERÁN INSCRITOS EN UN DIBUJO SEMANAL CON LA OPORTUNIDAD DE GANAR UNA TARJETA DE REGALO DE $ 10!


Go on a Pattern Hunt!  Nature is filled with many patterns! This can be your backyard, front yard, porch, patio, balcony or a visit to your favorite local park. Take a photo of 3 patterns you find around outside and post it on our ELK Facebook Page . Look below for some examples! If you do not have Facebook, please send to Chris at: curias@elkkids.org or text: 720.251.0947. 

All posts and submitted photos will be entered into a weekly drawing for a $10 gift card

Please follow all Denvergov.org health safety tips and advice if you do venture to a park  or other public space.It is still important to get outdoor during this uncertain time, but please ensure you're staying at least six feet away from others. Enjoy!


¡Disfruta tu segundo "Reto semanal de la naturaleza"! Cada semana, ELK tendrá un "Reto semanal de la naturaleza" aquí mismo, en nuestro boletín electrónico de LEAF.
¡Ve a buscar un patrón! ¡La naturaleza está llena de muchos patrones! Este puede ser su patio trasero, patio delantero, porche, patio, balcón o una visita a su parque local favorito. Tome una foto de 3 patrones que encuentre en el exterior y publíquela en nuestra página de Facebook ELK. ¡Mira a continuación algunos ejemplos! Si no tiene Facebook, envíelos a Chris: curias@elkkids.org o envíe un mensaje de texto a: 720.251.0947.  

¡Todas las publicaciones y fotos enviadas se ingresarán en un sorteo semanal por una tarjeta de regalo de $10!  

Por favor siga a Denvergov.org para consejos de salud y consejos si decide aventurarse a un parque u otro espacio público. Todavía es importante salir al aire libre durante este tiempo incierto, pero asegúrese de estar al menos a seis pies de distancia de los demás. ¡Y disfruta!

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 College Corner

Family College Prep tip : Though Students have an extended Spring Break, this is still a great time to be working on scholarships! If you are a Sophomore or Junior click here 
The criteria of the scholarship are:
*Award amount: at least three scholarships of $1,500 or more each are available
*Must attend, or plan to attend, a fully-accredited Colorado college or university
Degree of study must be undergraduate
*Must be at least a sophomore or junior in college for scholarship to take effect your junior or senior year
*Must enroll a minimum of 6 credits to fulltime per semester in a college program
*Must have a minimum of a 3.0 GPA
*Must have an Aurora, Colorado, permanent mailing address even though you may currently have a campus address
*The link for the scholarship application and the website is down below in the comments section.

Link for the website of the scholarship:

Link for the application of the scholarship:

Upcoming Community Events/Resources

Montbello Organizing Committee and Struggle of Love Foundation Providing Food for Those in Need During Covid-19 Shelter in Place.
The Food Bank of the Rockies Montbello Mobile Food Pantry will be hosted as usual on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of each month at Academy 360 at 9:00am. The address is 12000 E 47th Ave.

This is the Mobile Pantry usually hosted at the United Church of Montbello. Nonperishable and perishable food will be available.
People can access food at the Struggle of Love Foundation at A360 (12000 East 47th Ave. 80239) Monday through Friday between the hours of 11 and 2 pm. Volunteers will bring prepacked bags to your vehicle. For those who don't have transportation, volunteers will bring bags of food to your home. To arrange to pick-up or for the delivery service, call 720-240-7200.

City/Home R esources
2020 Census:
Make a Difference. Be Counted!
What is the 2020 Census? 
The 2020 Census is a Constitutionally-mandated head count of every single person living in the U.S. done once every 10 years. It helps establish more than $13 billion in federal funding for Colorado. 

When does the 2020 Census begin? 
You will receive an official letter from the U.S. Census Bureau addressed to the residents of your home. This letter will provide you with a unique code that you can use to complete your Census online or over the telephone.  

What's in it for our community?
Your 2020 Census answers will help:
  • Federal, state, and local leaders make decisions about schools, hospitals, emergency services, roads, job training centers, and other projects that affect our community.
  • Residents use the Census to support community initiatives involving legislation, quality of life and consumer advocacy.
  • Businesses use Census data to decide where to build factories, offices and stores, which create jobs.
  • Real estate developers use it to build new homes and revitalize older neighborhoods.
  • Every 10 years, using the Census data, the seats in the U.S. House of Representatives are redistributed based on population. Based on 2020 Census data, it is likely that Colorado could gain an additional House seat, creating Colorado House District 8.
Want to learn more? Go to: https://2020census.gov/en/what-is-2020-census.html.

Apply for a 2020 Census job!
The U.S. Census Bureau is still hiring! If you have already applied and have not heard back from the Census recruiters, make sure you are answering your phone, as they are calling applicants and will continue to do so in the coming weeks. The positions offer competitive pay, flexible hours, paid training, and weekly paychecks. To apply, go to: 2020census.gov/jobs.

From District  11 Councilperson Gilmore Office

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Housing, Rent or Mortgage assistance:

Educational Resources
Check out this hike in Montbello published by Denver by Foot.

Click here for more info on the trail

Mire a esta caminata en Montbello publicada por Denver by Foot.

Haga clic aquí para obtener más información sobre el camino

My Outdoor Colorado Presents: Fun with Family Nature Club, Learn & Play with Nature from your own home.
With Denver schools closing to keep kids safe and healthy we are here to provide a way for kids and families to enjoy learning more about the natural world around us! Each day will have it's own theme with activities updated weekly. You can also check out our additional resources for more explorations, experiments, crafts, and tools.

Monday: Nature Observations - Take, Make, or Create a Nature Picture or write about your day's observations in your neighborhood's natural spaces!
Tuesday: Nature Art - Share completed Coloring Pages or Original Works of Art in any medium including creative writing, and audio/video
Wednesday: Nature Over Time - On Wednesdays, we will start and projects and check in periodically to record natural cycles such as the growth of plants and the water cycle. (Some common household materials may be required)
Thursday: Nature Scavenger Hunt - New objectives set every week!
Friday: Nature Games - Stay tuned to learn more!

By participating in our themed activities and sharing results, you will be entered for a chance to win our weekly "electronic door prize giveaway", a $25 Walmart Gift Card. You can submit your pictures and/or descriptions to our Community Connector, Mary Reyes via Phone (720.990.3081), Email (Mary.Reyes@denvergov.org), or Facebook (message the https://www.facebook.com/westwoodFNC/ page directly) Do not put the photos directly on Facebook or these photos will not be counted for the door prize giveaway.
One Submission per day per person equals one entry in the weekly drawing (up to 5 entries/person if you participate and share every day!)

**Images and text shared with us are done so with permission for use so that we may share them on the Family Nature Club Facebook Page**


MI Colorado al Aire Libre Presenta: Diversión con el Club de Naturaleza Familiar, Aprende y juega con la naturaleza desde tu propia casa.

¡Con el cierre de las escuelas de Denver para mantener a los niños seguros y saludables, estamos aquí para proporcionar una forma en que los niños y las familias disfruten aprendiendo más sobre el mundo natural que nos rodea!. Cada día tendrán su propio tema con actividades actualizadas semanalmente. También puede consultar nuestros recursos adicionales para obtener más acerca de la exploracion, experimentos, manualidades y herramientas.

Lunes: Observaciones en la naturaleza: Tome, haga o cree una imagen acerca de la naturaleza o escriba sobre lo que observas durante el día en los espacios naturales alrededor de tu casa.

Martes: Arte de la naturaleza: colorea paginas o haz un trabajo original de arte acerca de la naturaleza, puede ser en cualquier medio, escrito, audio o video. Luego compartelo.

Miércoles: Naturaleza a lo largo del tiempo: los miércoles comenzaremos y proyectaremos y registraremos periódicamente para registrar ciclos naturales como el crecimiento de las plantas y el ciclo del agua. (Se pueden requerir algunos materiales reciclados comunes)

Jueves: Cazando un Teroso Natural!- ¡Nuevos objetivos cada semana!

Viernes: Juegos sobre la naturaleza: ¡esten atentos para aprender más!

Al participar en nuestras actividades temáticas y compartir sus creaciones, tendra la oportunidad de ganar en nuestro "sorteo electrónico de premios " una tarjeta de regalo Walmart de $25 semanalmente. Puede enviar sus fotos y/o descripciones a nuestro Community Connector, Mary Reyes por mensaje de texto (720.990.3081), correo electrónico (Mary.Reyes@denvergov.org) o Facebook messenger (envíe un mensaje a https://www.facebook.com/westwoodFNC/ pagina. No ponga las fotos directamente en Facebook o no sera tenido en cuenta como ganador.

Una presentación por día por persona equivale a una entrada en el sorteo semanal (¡hasta 5 entradas / persona si participa y comparte todos los días!)

** Las imágenes y el texto que se comparten con nosotros se realizan con permiso de uso para que podamos compartirlos en la página de Facebook de Family Nature Club ** Les recuerdo que ustedes NO deben compartirlas directamente en la pagina de facebook. 
Upcoming LEAF Programs

Bi-Weekly Nature Documentary "Return of the Desert Bighorn"
April 1st 3:30pm-5:00pm

Join the ELK Staff Team on ZOOM every other Wednesday (3:30pm-5pm) as we discuss a weekly nature documentary!  This upcoming week we will be discussing the film- "Return of the Desert Bighorn" (See LINK below). This story is about how Wildlife Biologist in West Texas are returning the Desert Bighorn Sheep to their historic habitat. 
Watch the Documentary before the meeting and then join us Wednesday for a live ZOOM discussion. We will dive deeper into the movie and explore more about wildlife and jobs in natural resources.  Can't watch the documentary ahead of time? That's Okay! Its only 10 minutes and we will also watch it together! 
Join us here on Zoom

"Return of the Desert Bighorn"

Loretta, Kim, Kristina, Ben, Amy, Justin, Christina, Taylor, Chris, Yesi, Ronika, and Rayven

 Environmental Learning for Kids' Staff

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