January 2018 Newsletter
Lean Division 
Table of Contents and Highlights:

  1.  Annual Conference Paper Deadline - January 16, 2018, TODAY!!
    If your abstract was accepted be sure to submit your optional full papers for the IISE annual conference.

2. Lean Division Award Nominations Deadlines

Best Practice Competition - January 31, 2018
Student Paper Contest - February 15, 2018
Lean Teaching Award - February 15, 2018

   Planning for the next Lean Six Sigma Conference on September 24-26, 2018

        4.   New Year's message about Lean

Those who submitted abstracts to the annual conference should have received an email with the results of the review process.  If your abstract was accepted, and you plan to submit a full paper, that is due by January 16, 2018.  At least one presenter or author on the paper must register for the conference by March 13, 2018.  
Awards and Recognition  

Lean Best Practice Award
The Lean Best Practice Award recognizes organizations for innovative and effective implementation of Lean principles and practices that deliver exemplary business performance improvement. Every year IISE conducts the award competition to
p romote successful implementation of Lean by recognizing best in class industries and sharing their stories with others .  T eams of 2 or more people are invited to submit a narrative describing
their innovative implementation of lean in their organization.  For submission details, visit 
http://www.iise.org/Details.aspx id=21936 Questions and submissions can be sent to MD Sarder at

Student Paper Competition
Undergraduates, graduate students, and design teams are encouraged to submit papers by February 15 for the best student paper award.  Papers should be formatted according to the ISERC conference guidelines, because the winners will be published in the proceedings.  All authors and co-authors must be full-time students and winners will be notified in March so that they can attend the ISERC Annual Conference and be recognized.  For more Information visit   http://www.iise.org/Details.aspx?id=4042 .
Submissions will be accepted via a web-form that can be found at the above website.  Questions can be sent to Sushil Shetty at shettys@wilsonart.com
Lean Teacher Award
The lean division's teaching award is given out annually to honor the services of a person or group of people who have developed curriculum and disseminated courses in the subject area.  Nominations must include 3 recommendation letters with at least 1 from a faculty member and 1 from a student, as well as the syllabus, sample course materials, teaching evaluations, curriculum vitae, and reflective statement.  More information is available at: http://www.iise.org/Details.aspx?id=17204#teaching .
Questions and submissions can be sent to Farnaz Ghazi-Nezami at fghazinezami@kettering.edu


The IISE Engineering Lean and Six Sigma (ELSS) Conference is planned for September 24-26, 2018 in Atlanta, Georgia.  Abstract submissions are scheduled to begin in February.  Anyone who would like to help with the conference should contact Sharon Johnson, sharon@wpi.edu .  Also, if you have any suggestions for keynote speakers, please submit those ideas.
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New Year - New Lean You?
Many people counted down to the New Year and took at least a moment or two on New Year's Eve to set a resolution about something that they want to change in the new year.  Maybe it is exercising more or keeping in touch with friends and family, or starting a new venture or hobby.  So, as students and practitioners of lean, let's take a moment to think
about how we can integrate lean thinking into our lives more in 2018 as well.  Maybe it is reading that next book about lean that is sitting on our desk or in our shopping cart online.  Maybe it is trying something new in our organization - something that we know we should be doing to become more lean, but have hesitated on before.  What new direction or new knowledge do you want to pursue regarding lean thinking in 2018?
If you have any photos, announcements, or articles to contribute to the next edition of the IISE Lean Division newsletter, please send them to valerie@uri.edu .