LEAP! NewsletterJULY 2016 - UN PRME Working Group on Sustainability Mindset
July 2016 - Issue No 18
Dear Leap-ers!

July...! Milestones are moments to pause, and we can designate those milestones ourselves. The longest day of the year, midyear, vacations time, the coldest season of the year... So I invite you to pause and look back at these first six months. How have you honored your most valuable contributions to the world? How have you made space for the unique skills that you have, which you know are the ones that make a real difference? 

In this Issue, the word I want to put on the  front line  is Courage. Courage to stand up, to speak up, to present the unusual perspective, the one that others have a hard time understanding. Courage to honor it yourself first, and then step out of the quiet room where you entertain your own thoughts. Courage to meet others, and with a smile, share.

I have many times characterized LEAP as a group of outliers. We happen to all have some unorthodox views, some bizarre perspectives that defy logic, rationales, or "the way things are". I have heard from several in our network that finding like-minded colleagues is what keeps them participating. We are nurturing each other, by sharing our hesitation and also our success stories in developing the being side of the sustainability mindset.

Campaigns for presidential elections, turmoil in the UK, Europe shaking, Hong Kong protesting, refugees seeking a place, and fears creating barriers. The volume seems to be rising - and I wonder, what are the voices that will be heard? How are those that see our interconnectedness, our interdependence, making their voice heard? How are we speaking up, those of us that feel oneness with nature, choosing compassion and creative action as the way forward?

Courage, after all, has it etymological roots in heart, innermost feelings, temper

Dr. Isabel Rimanoczy, Convener of the LEAP! UN WORKING GROUP ON SUSTAINABILITY MINDSET "Discover the outside, discover the inside, then share and act."
In this issue


Isabel will host an  AOM Panel  Purpose in Action: Paradigm Shift in Management Education for a Better World. The 90 minute symposium session moderated by Dennis Heaton, will include Dan LeClair, Roberta Baskin, John North; Katrin Muff, and Anita Negri (via video).

The LEAP session 'What Happens When You Develop the Sustainability Mindset? Stories, Tools, Transformation' will be attended by
Isabel Rimanoczy, Amelia Januar Indrajaya, , Dennis Heaton, Kerul Kassel, Medhi Majidi, Shelley Mitchell, Stacie Chappell and Kirpal Singh; Ashish Pandey, Henrietta Onwuegbuzie, Marta Sambiase and Eunice Mareth Q. Areola will send a video.

The Sustainable Mindset: Connecting Being, Thinking, and Doing in Management Education
by Kassel, K., Rimanoczy, I., and Mitchell, won the SAGE/Journal of Leadership and Organizational Studies Junior Faculty Best Paper Award for the most significant contribution to management education by a Junior Faculty authorship team (Anaheim, CA) -Management Education and Development (MED)- and will be presented by the authors.

Our LEAP members Jorge  Arevalo and Shelley F. Mitchell will chair the PDW 'Sustainability in Management Education-Purpose, Linkage, Assessment & External Stakeholders'. Isabel Rimanoczy and Katrin Muff will be among the Discussants.

Isabel and Kerul will host two LEAP get togethers so that members can see each other and enjoy a relaxed evening. If you will be at the AOM and didn't get the logistics of the LEAP meetings, contact kkassel@fielding.edu

Isabel's new book  'Stop Teaching: Principles and Practices for Responsible Management Education'   with a foreword from David Cooperrider ( read it here is now out.  It is part of the UN PRME Collection, and addresses Principle # 3: Learning Methods and Pedagogies.

"What do we need to change in order to develop a new generation of business leaders who connect profits with purpose, who see in social entrepreneurship and innovation the key opportunity for addressing our planetary challenges?" The answer lies in the contents we select to teach, in the values we invite to explore and develop, and in the methods we use.

In the era of 24/7 global access to information from our mobile gadgets, many institutions of higher education are still sitting students in rows or amphitheaters, measuring success via tests and evaluations, with instructors lecturing what students should learn. And instructors feel the challenge of competing with sleepy audiences that divide their attention between their cell phones and the speaker.
Stop teaching, the author says, inviting instructors in management schools and higher education to adopt some proven learning principles that can reengage students, unleash their potentials, and foster them to shape the world they want to live in. And have fun doing it.
Through adult learning research, guides, activities, and stories from pioneering learning facilitators in education and corporate training, Rimanoczy brings a long-needed revamp to educational institutions that want to be part of responsible management education."
Should you wish to purchase copies, you can go to the website. 

Educating for Responsible Management, Edited by 
 Roz Sunley and Jennifer Leigh
July 2016 388 pp 156 x 234 mm, ISBN 978-1-78353-346-6

" Educating for Responsible Management delves into the mission of PRME itself, not simply explaining why PRME is necessary or its content, but instead how to transform management education, research and thought leadership globally by providing the Principles for Responsible Management Education framework, developing learning communities and promoting awareness about the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals."  
Jonas Haertle, Head, PRME Secretariat, UN Global Compact

See more using the following link:

A holistic learning approach for responsible management education by Isabel Rimanoczy, Nova Southeastern University, USA with practitioner commentary by Roger Saillant and Craig Teal

What are the learning methodologies most appropriate to develop responsible managers? This is the question proposed by Principle 3 of the Principles for  Responsible Management Education (PRME). This question has however assumed that a previous one has already been addressed: What are the skills, competences, habits of mind or knowledge ("capabilities") that educators need to focus on to develop responsible managers?

This chapter addresses these two questions. To do so, it starts by first briefly exploring the definitions of responsible management in the literature, its origins and evolutions to present times. This is followed by the findings of a qualitative research that looked precisely at the same two questions: What do we need to teach in order to develop a generation of responsible leaders, and how should we do it?

From these inquiries, the exploratory study identified what made leaders ready and prepared to champion in their organizations initiatives with a positive impact on the environment and the community, and presents the elements identified, which corresponded to a particular way of thinking and being, termed the "sustainability mind-set".
Consciousness development for responsible management education by Dennis P. Heaton and Emanuel Schachinger, Maharishi University of Management, USA, with practitioner commentary by Chris Laszlo

Principle 1 of the Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) calls for universities to commit to the purpose of developing "the capabilities of students to be future generators of sustainable value for business and society at large and to work for an inclusive and sustainable global economy".

The thesis of this chapter is that such capabilities depend, at least in part, upon a dimension of psychological differences which researchers have called consciousness development. Therefore, the incorporation of practices which cultivate consciousness development may play a critical role in actualizing the purpose of PRME. We contend that at its root, responsible management stems from a shift to a deeper level of our humanity where we realize our connectedness to our highest selves, and through that, our connectedness to others and to nature.


Guenola Nonet, Kerul Kassel and  colleague Lucas Mejis (from the Netherlands) have had an article accepted by the Journal of Business Ethics in April.  The title of the article is "Understanding Responsible Management - Emerging Themes and Variations from European Business School Programs" and the link is   http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007%2Fs10551-016-3149-z     The DOI for the article is 10.1007/s10551-016-3149-z 
Judita Peterlin  presented a paper "Slovene Management Education in the Changed World through Appreciative Inquiry" in co-authorship with Assistant Professor Daniela Garbin Praničević, PhD. at the 8TH International Conference The Economies of Balkan and Eastern Europe Countries in the Changed World (EBEEC-5th-8th May 2016, Faculty of Economics University of Split, 6th May 2016; 11:30-13:00) 

Assistant professor Judita Peterlin, PhD also published a paper titled: Incorporation of Sustainability into Leadership Development. Read the abstract here.

He is the Director of G lobal Education Magazine http://www.globaleducationmagazine.com/ 
which aims to create new forms of solidarity between the different educational agents that are struggling to achieve the SDGs, as well as awareness of world-society, present and future, on the "global issues". "This plurality is intrinsic in our work philosophy and our holistic vision of the internationalist education, because we welcome the publication of articles in any official language. This sustains the source of life and the equity of the multi and intercultural society-world. For that reason, publishing your articles will be free!" 

LEAP CAFÉ -   Monday,  August 1 at 8 am and 4 pm EST
Storytelling Circle - Monday August 15 at 8 am EST

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THIS IS YOUR NEWSLETTER!!! How is LEAP and the Sustainability Mindset impacting your thinking, your work, your dreams? This is an invitation to get back to me (Martine) in the next couple of days and let me know about what is going on for you. Successes, promotions, new postings, graduations, conference attended, research or papers published.... And if you have a photo, that would be lovely too. A short paragraph that I can copy and paste into the NL would be the perfect scenario.


For the last 18 months, Isabel was a Scholar in Residence at Nova Southeastern University in South Florida working with faculty and students expanding awareness about sustainability and developing responsible leaders.  She also taught her course 'Sustainability Mindset' to students across campus.  

Isabel has been named Global Academic Ambassador for the Flourish Prizes, the Nobel-level prize to celebrate businesses as agents for world benefit. It is a wonderf ul initiative sponsored by the Fowler Center at Case Western Reserve University and supported by the United Nations PRME and Global Compact. The Prizes, which will be first handed out in June 2017, are an international showcase of entrepreneurial innovation working towards what needs to be our global agenda: 17 Sustainable Development Goals  . In her new role she will be contributing to the overall strategy and vision of A2F, and represent A2F globally, promoting and engaging research and publications in journals and academic conferences. 

Are you participating in AIM2FLOURISH?

AIM2Flourish connects students with business leaders to discover and learn about innovations that do good and do well. The Mission is to change the story about business from the best in the world, to best for the world. A2F connects students with business innovators using Appreciative Inquiry to celebrate business innovations aligned with the UN Global Goals.

There is still time for you to participate ! Isabel invites you to get in touch with her to find out more about how your students can submit stories and be a part of the Flourish Prize next June. Isabel and the A2F team will support and mentor you through the process.  Don't wait - email Isabel today. isabel@aim2flourish.com

Join us to celebrate 17 FLOURISH PRIZES for the 17 UN Global Goals
Discovering Flourishing Enterprise: The Fourth Global Forum for Business
as an Agent of World Benefit
June 14-16, 2017, Cleveland, Ohio

Dr. Shirley Yeung, Director of the Centre for Corporate Sustainability and Innovations, is committed to promoting Sustainability. In 2016, Dr. Shirley Yeung was nominated by Nobel Prize Winner 2010, Prof Negishi, as UN Local Change Maker 2016. There is a total number of 600 nominees from the world.

The paper on Sustainability Mindset Model Connecting Being, Thinking, and Doing in Management Education that Dr Kerul Kassel, Fielding University,  Isabel Rimanoczy  and  Dr Shelley Mitchell, University of New Hampshire, wrote together , and which will be further developed for an upcoming edited book, won the  Best Paper Award for the most significant contribution to management education by a Junior Faculty authorship team (Anaheim, CA) (Management Education and Development (MED) Divisional Paper Session, 2016 Academy of Management Conference ).  The paper won this award following a comprehensive two-stage review process. First, it gained some of the highest scores from reviewers on initial submission. Second, it was reviewed again by a panel of the division's ablest reviewers and was judged the best submission in the qualifying category.

Roberta Baskin, Dr. Shirley Yeung,  John North, Sheila Killian and Claire Sommer attended  the UN Global Compact Leaders Summit June 2016 in New York on UN Sustainable Development Goals. At the Summit, world business and social entrepreneur leaders, including the 10 selected Local SDG Pioneer leaders also shared their valuable experiences to participants, turning SDGs into local business. 

Isabel Rimanoczy is planning these upcoming trips:
  • Sweden - 9 to 12 October, 2016
  • Limerick, Ireland - 17 to 19 October, 2016 GRLI ALL GATHERING MOMENTUM (AGM) 
New Resources!
We have a FB Group - the Sustainable Mindset group

This is another avenue we have created to promote the sustainability mindset and share resources. Now we have two more places to get ideas, news, inspiration.

Please check out and 'like' the new Legacy Mindset FB! https://www.facebook.com/LegacyMindset/   And Twitter https://twitter.com/IsabelRimanoczy 


Share it with your students and invite them to like it!


Judita Peterlin is Assistant professor at University of Ljubljana, Faculty of economics Ljubljana Slovenia where she currently teaches Management classes. She is an AIM2flourish professor, actively researching business innovations with her students in Slovenia and Croatia. Read more...

Fredrik Björk is a Lecturer in Environmental Science and MA/PHD Student in Sweden at the Lund University/Malmö University, Environmental History Dept. of Urban Studies. Recently he has been a Member of the SISI project group (Swedish Infrastructure for Social Innovation) 2013-2014 and responsible for developing a cross-sector learning platform on Social Entrepreneurship for the Center for Public Entrepreneurship 2012-
2014.

Marsha Willard teaches graduate classes on sustainability for Pinchot University, University of Oregon and the Presidio Graduate School as well as serving on the faculty for the International Society Professionals. She is founder, first executive director and currently a board officer of the International Society of Sustainability Professionals, the first professional association for people working in the field of sustainability. Read more...

G o to this link and click on the individual goals for details and a story about the goal. You can also download the icons.


One of Isabel's students in the Sustainability Mindset class she gave at NSU in 2016 shared this reflection with her. Isabel remembers that this student didn't particularly do many of the reflective assignments, although he came on time and participated, he did not share things that were more personal, such as feelings, values, etc
His response was always "I need to think about it" or "I don't know" or "this is difficult to answer". So, that is the reason that his final reflection was so surprising. The comment underlines the importance of insisting on submitting personal reflections, especially at the end.

"As I look back at the first day of class, going in unsure of what this class would be like and confused as to why the class is sitting in a circle I realize many things. Things have changed in the way I live, unconsciously. I am a strong believer that you are extremely sensitive to the environment you are in, even if it is only 4 hours a week. This small time has had an effect on my spiritual self. Many of these changes cannot be measured but they can be explained.
 For starters, on a more physical sense, I have learned to share my emotions more. As a man, and a business owner I have always learned that hiding my emotions was not only a good thing but necessary. In these 4 hours a week, those rules were changed and walls were brought down and a true emotional self could emerge, where I could say what my favorite part of my day was and why. The emotions of happiness can be shared.

 Second, I have learned how to value my breathing. This may seem like a small benefit but to me this is huge. Understanding that my breath controls me and not the other way around allows me to focus on my breathing and slow it down when necessary. If emotions are running high or stress and anxiety is kicking in I can go deep inside myself and focus on my breath to extinguish the fires of anxiety and stress.

Lastly, this class has increased my frustration towards the modern education system we follow. This class showed me that there are different systems in which learning can occur where we are not taught to test. Where we can be taught not only about science, math, and history but also about ourselves. Which in my opinion is more important than the standard deviation of this chart or what happened in 1837 in Europe.

 The many different lessons I learned from this class are much deeper than environmental issues. I learned things such as the Both And term which showed me that you don't have to be extreme on any decision that you make, you can be happily in the middle. Lessons like these that can stay with me in my journey through life and help me succeed and more importantly be happy."

In a conversation with Aline Popowski from Audencia a few days ago, Isabel had this cool idea: What if we exchanged what we are doing in terms of Sustainability Mindset in our institution?

So a few minutes later a new LEAP activity- meeting space was born - THE SUSTAINABILITY MINDSET STORYTELLING CIRCLE

Please mark your calendar for the third Monday of every month at 8 am EDT (check your time zone).

Every month we will have a member sharing what they are doing, or what is happening in terms of developing the three pillars of the Sustainability Mindset: knowing, being, doing, in their institution. We may hear about what is being tried out, what is working, what obstacles there are, how they are being addressed, challenges, persona vision or perhaps institutional vision (if you are lucky to have an evolved institution ) We don't need PowerPoint, it can be an informal storytelling, although if you want to share PowerPoint it's OK too. We will accommodate one storyteller per month, for approx 50 min, and including all the dialogues that naturally unfold when we get together in our Cafe.

We hope that presenters will also share offers or requests, and who knows what new synergies or ideas may emerge! It's like Facebook but on real time. It's our Reality show, but with all of us acting, not just watching. 

The next session is Monday August 15 at 8 am EDT  - You can use the link to check your time zone: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html
If anyone from Australia or NZ is planning to attend we may consider doing two time zones, please let Martine know.

A Doodle link and personal email has been sent out so please get back to us and come and share your stories. 

  Monday August 1, 2016,  8 am and 4 pm (Eastern Standard Time)  
at our monthly LEAP! Café

Special guest Marta Sambiase from Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, Sao Paulo, Brazil
You are invited to sit back, have a cup of coffee and join LEAP! members for a virtual networking event 

  http://businessworthy.org/  How are Business Leaders Making an Impact? Explore the Sustainable Development Goals

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If you are looking for some Food For Thought for your students to help them explore what a sustainability mindset means, share Isabel's posts at the 
Isabel's latest huff post was selected as FEATURED POST on the Sustainability page

Sustainability Is More Than Recycling

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