After months of planning and anticipation, LEAP’s first annual Second Chance Soiree finally happened! Ten years were compassionately celebrated in one truly heart-warming evening. A week later, much to my dismay, for me it is already a total blur.

I do recall the beautiful familiar faces of our volunteers who reported for duty an hour before show time.

I also remember dancing at the end of the evening to DJ Oly with friends and die-hard LEAP supporters Carson and Sarah.

My other memory is of Leesa’s beautiful rendition of Throw it Away – one of my favorite songs ever . Performances by Brenda and compelling testimonies by Zo and Cafe wrapped up the evening for an uplifting time that had everyone up and dancing.

Then there was the quick hug with Fran who facilitated LEAP’s first ever grant from the women’s fund, photographer Andy’s reassuring smile, the wonderfully rowdy group from Lush Cosmetics, posing for goofy photos with Commissioner Eileen Higgens, quick hellos to childhood friends, and other fleeting flashbacks.

The main thing I remember is the love and compassion. The support radiating from the 200+ guests who showed up to celebrate LEAP graduates and our 10 years of service.

My takeaway from the evening is that members of the LEAP community know how to have a good time. And, without exception, they believe in redemption and second chances just as much as our Founders, Board of Directors and LEAP team do!

Thank you for your attendance. Your very presence shows compassion and empathy for our LEAPer's. To everyone who showed up, everyone who bought tickets but could not attend, everyone who bid on our silent auction, everyone who volunteered: Thank you.

Let compassion resonate within you and commit to our efforts of reuniting outstanding women with society and become a recurring donor. For as little as $10 a month, you can significantly impact the second chance of a LEAP graduate by helping her hit the ground running, and not a wall. Donate today by clicking COMPASSION or donate button below.

See you next year!

Mahlia Lindquist, Esq.
Executive Director

Photography by Phil Avello and Marsha Bradley

¨Compassion is the action that each and every one of you took by coming here today¨

When asked to describe what "compassion" meant to them, each member of LEAP's eighteenth graduating class had a different answer, perspective and approach, but to Rebecca Caraballo, compassion meant something simple...showing up.

Second chances start with small steps and Rebecca has already made a huge leap (pun intended) by completing the LEAP program and is on her path toward a new chapter in her life with her husband, and daughter Joselyn.

Join us in welcoming Rebecca home and wishing her a bright tomorrow!

Photograph by Starr Sariego

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For the past 10 years, we have quietly provided life altering education and support to women transitioning from prison in Florida, a state where only 14% of women in prison have access to programming. We are virtually the only program in the state that provides comprehensive programming geared exclusively toward women transitioning from prison. Programming that includes entrepreneurship, employable skills training and trauma-informed substance abuse classes, where less than 5% of graduates return to prison (in comparison to a recidivism rate of over 50% nationally.)

And that’s not all. LEAP recently opened a transitional home, because women coming out of prison are ineligible for homeless services. A year ago, we introduced the Dragonfly Thrift Boutique where we hire our graduates because jobs for women coming out of prison are almost impossible to come by. 

But we can't do this without YOU . Thank you for your continued support and partnership! We strive to continue our partnership in standing together in the name of compassion and second chances!