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March 29, 1018

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Opportunity through Education

Friends make all the difference in the world!
Last year, a friend introduced Kiwimbi to MindLeaps, and lives are changing now.

How does it work?

MindLeaps uses dance to develop the cognitive skills and social-emotional learning of at-risk youth to ensure they can succeed in school, enter the workplace and leap forward in life.

Kiwimbi has partnered with MindLeaps to bring their unique program to rural Kenya, where 150 students between the ages of 9 and 18 are experiencing the benefits. MindLeaps teachers are in Amagoro and will work with Kiwimbi for three months, then our newly trained teachers will take over and continue the program. 

Kiwimbi students showing off their MindLeaps T-shirts and shorts
This is definitely a group effort!
  • MindLeaps sent their teachers to rural Kenya.
  • Kiwimbi is providing food and housing. 
  • Three local schools are working to assure that their students get to the 2-hour practices on time.
  • Train-the-trainer classes are taking place too. 
  • MindLeaps has provided the T-shirts for students and, last but not least, 
  • Kiwimbi's Tailoring students made shorts for the young women and others who have none! 

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